How do I notarize a translated document?

How do I notarize a translated document?

Example of a birth certificate translated into English

The DGRN Resolutions of July 7, 2011 and August 2, 2011 admitted such partial notarial translation with the assertion that what is omitted does not modify or condition what is inserted; so that the requirement of total transcription would only be justified if in the qualification it had been alleged by the registrar that he knows the foreign law and that such total transcription is necessary to verify certain requirements demanded by the applicable foreign law.

However, the DGRN Resolution of January 11, 2017 has stated that such a partial notarial translation for registration purposes is not possible, in contrast to the previous nuanced doctrine of the DGRN.

An acid commentary can be seen in the entry Por amor al arte. Criticism of the Resolution of the DGRN of January 11, 2017, by Ricardo CABANAS and Leticia BALLESTER[8]. These authors point out the incongruence of the fact that the notary not only can, but that the same Directorate General promotes it, certify on the content, validity and jurisprudential interpretation of foreign law; and on the other hand, this value judgment, by a professional and qualified official, would no longer be valid when, using his knowledge of the foreign language and for the sake of greater efficiency in international proceedings, he translates what is essential and relevant to its processing[9].

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As part of the application process for your permanent resident card, you will need to submit supporting documents. If any of these documents are not written in English, you must provide a certified translation. In this, the best immigration lawyers in the United States will explain which documents need to be translated, how and by whom. Our intention is to help you get your application resolved as quickly and successfully as possible.

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Any document that the U.S. government requires to process your green card application must be translated into English, whether that document applies to the sponsoring relative or the relative applying for the green card. Some examples include:

However, there are some important requirements and exceptions to be aware of. For example, some U.S. embassies and consulates restrict acceptable translators. The U.S. Embassy in Athens, Greece, for example, only accepts translations from the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Therefore, we recommend that you check the specific requirements of the U.S. embassy or consulate in your area before engaging a service or initiating a request.

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To certify a translation, the translator or translation agency doing the work (if applicable) must attest that the translation is a complete and accurate reflection of the source text. Each page is stamped to this effect and a certificate verifying the translator’s credentials is included along with the original text. Members or Fellows of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) are authorized to use the Institute’s seal to self-certify their translations.

Certified translations

It is the original instrument that the notary records in the folios to record under his faith, one or several legal acts (external manifestations of the will to produce legal consequences), which signed (or with imprint) by the parties, the notary authorizes with his seal and autographic signature.

XII.- He/she will write in an orderly manner the declarations of the parties, which in any case will be considered to be made under oath. The Notary shall inform them of the penalties incurred by those who make false declarations;

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XIV.- Designate with precision the things that are the object of the act, in such a way that they cannot be confused with others, and in the case of real estate, determine their nature, location, boundaries or limits, and, as far as possible, their dimensions and surface extension;

XV.- Determine the waivers of rights validly made by the grantors in accordance with their expressed will or the consequences of the act, and by word of mouth, underlining their existence, explain to the grantors the meaning and legal effects;