How do I know if my boiler has been registered?

How do I know if my boiler has been registered?

Qualification of boilers in argentina

All buildings in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that have thermal appliances, included in article 1 of IF-RT-050106-020601-06 -CONSERVATION OF THERMAL INSTALLATIONS-V02, must have a boiler. Thermal Appliances-V02, is obliged to declare them in the Register of Thermal Appliances for their certification.

It is the responsibility of the obligated subject to keep the installation operative, to keep the information updated in the Thermal Appliance Register and to exhibit the following documentation when required:

Remember that if you unsubscribed from the mails of the City Government, you will not be able to receive the appointment confirmation mail, so you must contact 147 to indicate an alternative mail.

Where a gas boiler can be installed

– Thermal installations require a project for their execution when the nominal thermal power to be installed in heat or cold generation is greater than 70 kW. Between 5 and 70 kW can be replaced by a technical report.

– It is forbidden the regular supply of energy to those installations subject to this regulation whose owner does not provide the supplying company with a copy of the registered certificate of the installation.

Once the documentation provided has been checked, the installation certificate will be registered by the competent body of the Autonomous Community, and the installation can then be commissioned.

This procedure will be applicable to thermal installations – air conditioning (heating, cooling and ventilation) or domestic hot water production, intended to meet the demand for thermal comfort and hygiene of people – in newly constructed buildings and, in relation to its reform (see art. 2.3 of RITE) or the incorporation of renewable energy or change in the type of energy or intended use of a building, in existing buildings.

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Purpose: To carry out the registration in the Register of thermal installations in buildings of a fixed installation of air conditioning (heating, cooling and ventilation) or domestic hot water production, new or refurbished.

A. To have, while it is in service, and to present to the competent authority when it is required for control or inspection, all the documentation established by the regulations and complementary technical instructions that apply to the declared installation. B. To communicate any fact that implies the modification of the declared data, as well as the cancellation of the installation, by means of the presentation of a new responsible declaration to this Administration in the term of one month since this modification takes place.

Mandatory natural gas revision price 5 years 2021

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is responsible for the processing of personal data provided through the activities related to the federal labor inspection, which will be

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