How do I get a degree certificate from university?

How do I get a degree certificate from university?

Certificate of studies for employment purposes

Once the certificate has been issued, the interested parties may pick it up at the educational center, either directly, with sufficient proof of identity, or through a validly authorized person. In the event that the interested party resides in a locality other than the one where the Educational Center is located, he/she may request that the certificate be sent to the Government Delegation -High Inspectorate of Education-, Government Subdelegation, Provincial Directorate of Education in Ceuta and Melilla or Consular Office closest to his/her place of residence.

Online Certificates

To obtain these documents you must enter the System for Obtaining Certificates Online through, choose the option “Certificates of Study” and enter RUT.

The user who wishes to request it must enter the web platform, click on the option “Request Certificate”, register the data of the guardian and student, indicate the academic data required (mode and level of studies) and finally you can view, download and print the certificate.

A certificate of studies completed or academic certificate is an official document that certifies the studies that a person has successfully completed and passed. The certificate of studies is usually referred to as a diploma, although it is not always possible to certify the studies completed by means of a diploma.

The certificate of studies is the document with which each student can accredit his or her entire academic career. This document officially certifies the studies that a person has successfully completed.

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Certificate of studies for driver’s license

The obtaining of academic certificates of studies, taken at the Complutense University, can be processed through the Student Secretaries of each Faculty following the procedure detailed below and through the immediate response system if what you are requesting is a Bachelor’s degree certificate (except Double Degrees) or a Master’s degree certificate.

The system will check if your certificate is available to be issued automatically. If so, you will be directed to the payment gateway where you can pay the price of the certificate by credit card and, once paid, you will be offered the electronically signed document, which must be downloaded and saved on your computer.  In the event that automatic issuance is not possible, the system will notify you and you should contact the Student Secretary’s Office of your Center.

– Once the payment has been made, you must inform your secretary’s office, through the electronic register (generic request), by e-mail or any other means enabled by the secretary’s office.


Do you have the perfect job offer? Or do you have the opportunity to do more advanced studies? and one of the requirements is to bring the certificate of studies or schooling, but you don’t know how to apply for a certificate of studies completed? Here we show you how, where to request it and the necessary requirements to carry out the procedure.

This certificate is a document that states that a person has successfully completed certain studies in a certain period of time. This is also called academic certificate and it will give guarantee of having completed some training.

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The first thing to do is to locate the educational center where you completed your studies and there you can request the certificate, so that you can use it. If your studies were recent, it is easier to request it, because the data are recent. If, on the other hand, you finished your studies a long time ago, it is likely that your information is no longer in that institution.

This is issued by any educational entity, as long as it is within the systems of the Ministry of Education and Sports, whether it is the institutions that provide high school education, colleges and universities among other educational entities. Therefore, it is advisable to request the certificate once the educational process is completed or if you are required to obtain the certificate as a requirement to work or continue your studies at a higher level, you should request it in time to avoid inconveniences and delays.

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