How do I get a copy of my University certificate?

How do I get a copy of my University certificate?

Degree certificate

Sometimes a university degree can be lost, misplaced or irretrievably damaged due to various circumstances and causes. Perhaps the degree ends up destroyed or damaged beyond repair. What to do then? What to do if I lost my university degree?

Well, an order dated August 24, 1988, established the cases in which a duplicate diploma could be obtained, and required the publication of an announcement in the BOE or in the official gazette of the corresponding Autonomous Community.

In this way, the person made a record of the loss or misplacement in order to facilitate possible claims to third parties. If these claims did not take place within 30 days, the process for the issuance of a duplicate of the certificate began.

However, if the issuance of a duplicate was due to causes attributable to the interested party, the process was at his or her expense. The cost of the announcement in the BOE, in addition to the payment of the issuance fee, was added.

Nowadays, it is a relatively easy process. If the degree is after 1988, the person will go to the Negociado de Títulos Universitarios Oficiales (Casa del Estudiante) with a photocopy of the identity card or DNI. As a first step, the interested party should send a request to the rector to request the duplicate.

Mineduc certificate of title

It will be essential to publish an announcement in the BOE (Official State Gazette), and the interested party will be responsible for the costs of both publication and the fees for issuing a duplicate. The advertisement will be inserted in the School Secretary’s Office. Payment of the fees may be made in the following ways:

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The system generates a settlement document (form 791) to be printed in duplicate (for the collaborating entity and for the interested party) and payment in person at a collaborating entity for payment by direct debit or credit card.

Thirty days after the publication of the announcement, the applicant must contact the Secretary’s Office again, enclosing a photocopy of the published announcement and requesting the payment of the fees corresponding to the duplicate of the Title.


NOTICE: Do not forget to check your personal data. Their validity affects the issuance of certificates, DEGREES and other documents. For example, your name (including accents) or your place of birth must be spelled correctly.

Please note that exemptions and bonuses are applied in some cases in the fees and you must communicate and / or prove, where appropriate, that you are in any of these circumstances, prior to making the payment.

In case of any anomaly, you must request its modification at the Undergraduate Students Office, at the Graduate Students Office, or at the Doctoral School Office before making the payment of the fees.

By means of the online application, all the processing of the file is carried out, including payment by virtual POS and obtaining the accreditation or receipt without the need for you to go to the University.

> In the “PE” status, the Undergraduate Student Offices, the Postgraduate Information Office or the Doctoral School will send, as soon as possible, a communication to the student with the instructions for the withdrawal of the degree/SET. It is not possible to deliver it until the indicated notice has been received.

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Download my degree

It allows the graduate to have, whenever he/she wants and from anywhere, an electronic copy of his/her diploma and to send it to any company, university or organization that requests it, thus saving time and money.

Once the request has been formalized and the corresponding fee has been paid, within a maximum period of one week the graduate will receive an e-mail message with an authentication code to access the authentic electronic copy of the degree.

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