How do I authenticate my signature UK?

Validity of a power of attorney in spain

The Chancellery has a system to carry out procedures digitally. For individuals and companies, who require international validation of their documentation, there is an online documentation certification project, through which the Foreign Ministry has adapted existing circuits through the option “Trámite a Distancia” (

All documents issued by the Chilean Civil Registry and Identification Service can be apostilled. It may be requested at any office, but the process is faster at the main offices in each region.[2] In Costa Rica, in accordance with law N. N. 1, the apostille can be requested at any office in the country.

In Costa Rica, according to Law No. 8923, published in La Gaceta No. 47 of March 8, 2011, the accession of Costa Rica to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961 was approved. Therefore, as of December 14, 2011, Costa Rica is authorized to grant Apostilles.

– Contact the institution where the required document is issued. In the case of the DGSC, you must go to the Training and Development Center (CECADES) or to the International Cooperation Office, where the corresponding signature will be affixed.

Power of attorney spain

Before contacting the consulate, please consult this section. If the consular section receives a question whose answer is in this list, it will not answer your mail. Thank you for your understanding.

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If your studies exceed 90 days, you must apply for a national visa by presenting the required documentation for this case. If it is a short-term course that does not exceed 90 days, you can travel without a visa.

For travel related to employment contracts or paid internships, the requirement to obtain a visa remains in effect, even if the paid work you will be doing is for a period of less than 90 days.

You need a letter of invitation from friends or relatives who will guarantee your accommodation during your stay. The characteristics of the form or document as well as the procedure to obtain it vary for each country. In the case of Germany, an informal letter signed by your relatives or friends is sufficient. The letter must indicate the address, the degree of relationship and the duration of stay. You can present the printed letter at the immigration control. It does not have to be an original, nor does it require authentication of the signature or apostille.

Giving a power of attorney to another person

If a document requiring notarization is in a foreign language, it may be necessary to have the document in question translated by an official translator, who will have to sign a solemn declaration certifying that it is a true translation.

In some cases, the Notary may witness the signing of a foreign document and subsequently prepare a notarial certificate on which he/she affixes his/her notarial seal and signature to confirm that he/she has witnessed the signature and verified the identity. The Notary must make absolutely sure that the signatory is fully familiar with the language in which the document is drafted and that he/she has been duly advised on the contents of the document.

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Documents may also be verified by foreign embassies to ensure that the Notary’s signature matches the signature on their records. The requirement for this will depend on the foreign country involved. Once the authenticity of the signature is confirmed, a certificate called “Apostille” will be attached.

How to make a power of attorney in Spain

The recognition of degrees and/or titles obtained abroad entails their registration in the National Register of Degrees and Titles, granting them, as well as national degrees and titles, publicity and opposability. The procedure may be requested by any person, regardless of nationality.

– Original diploma accrediting the degree and/or title, or document with official value recognized by the competent body in matters of university higher education, verifiable by means of:

– Proof of payment of the processing fee. In case the applicant is a Returned Migrant, he/she will be entitled to a reduction of the payment, for which he/she must also present a simple copy of the Returned Migrant Card.

– In case the applicant requires that the administrative act of recognition contains additional information that does not appear in the diploma, he/she must present the certificate of studies or supplement to the original diploma.

If the applicant requires that the administrative act of recognition contains additional information that does not appear in the document; he/she must present the certificate of studies or the supplement to the diploma.

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