Does first aid qualification expire?

Psychological first aid certification

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The legislation which covers laws, decrees and resolutions, among others, is changing and has to be adapted and updated according to the environment and the new needs of society in general, which is why the citizen who is dedicated to the issues discussed, must periodically renew their knowledge in order to be updated on new rules and procedures and know what has been repealed.

Also influencing the update are the policies of each company according to the risk map prepared in order to determine any event that affects the proper fulfillment of the mission of the processes or procedures of the institution.

Mental health first aid course

You see… I have the opportunity to take a first aid course in two weekends. And I have a couple of doubts (although I’m already signed up)Is it really useful for anything? I mean, if you are in a situation, for example in a traffic accident or something like that, can you practice first aid without being reported or something like that? Or can you only do the PAS? Is it true that there is a final exam? If so, what does it consist of, and the silly question of the week: does it last? I know that some diplomas of this kind of courses are sometimes only good for a specific period of time, but not the first aid one, right? thank you very much!

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I did a short course of a few hours, checking the pulse, opening the airway and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, that’s what I remember. That’s what I remember, we asked the guy who came in what we could do and what we couldn’t do, but I don’t remember now, ask during the course, that’s my advice.

I can only tell you that I have the Diplomas of First Aid (50 teaching hours) plus practices and exams in between plus a final one, and the Aquatic Lifeguarding (65 teaching hours) plus the same as the first one, and on top of that 200 hours worked on the beach once I passed the course to get it, and if these are for life, I doubt that you are going to do it, but do not hesitate to do it, knowing how to perform CPR is vital for at least one of the people who live in a house, and they helped me to get my first job when I was a kid. You will not be denounced for trying to save the life of anyone, of course, the omission of the duty to help is classified as a crime.


Is it an accredited training? Currently there is no Community legislation. The Royal Decree 742/2013 establishes that the personnel dedicated to the maintenance of swimming pools for collective use, must have an accredited certificate, issued by an approved training center.we provide an accredited diploma 100% valid throughout the national territory and with the seal of the ISO9001 quality standard.

Is any specific qualification required to access the course? No specific qualification is required. It is ideal for people who have the title of aquatic diver, swimming instructor… With this, they will be able to combine a new job.

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Who is it for? For people who wish to acquire basic and general knowledge in first aid, as well as for personnel who have been assigned the task of applying first aid actions in emergency situations in the company.

What steps should I follow to obtain the certificate? You should carefully read the PDF manual where the entire syllabus is included. Once you have finished reading, you must take the exam (which you can repeat as many times as you need, there is no limit!) and once you have passed it, simply fill in your personal data and you will be able to download the training certificate.

Psychological first aid mental health

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The Certificate of Specialty of Basic Training in Maritime Safety is the minimum necessary and its possession will be required to all the personnel who are part of the ship’s crew and who perform professional maritime functions, as well as to those who are related to the ship’s operations, in the following areas

related to the ship’s operations, by virtue of the Ship’s Table of Obligations and Duties, the Shipboard Emergency Plan in case of Oil Pollution or the Safety Management Manual.

The duration of the course is 70 hours, of which 45 hours of theoretical content and 25 hours of practical content. The course is face-to-face. Non-attendance is only allowed for 10% of the theoretical hours. The practical part must be completed in its entirety.

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