Do you still get wedding certificates?

Marriage certificate spain

The General Directorate of Civil Registry, Identification and Identification (DIGERCIC), has as its institutional mission “To provide comprehensive identification services of persons and registration of facts and civil acts through physical and electronic means, ensuring transparency, quality, security and timely use of information, thus contributing to Good Living”.

In order to improve user satisfaction, DIGERCIC implements a portal through which citizens can obtain electronic certificates of birth, de facto union and marriage in a timely manner, accessing them from any point with internet access. These services contribute to the environment with the use of electronic documents.

This document allows the user / citizen to learn about the functionalities that the Web Portal has from: creating an access account, obtaining certificates of facts and civil acts with various forms of payment, validation of certificates and obtaining electronic invoicing.

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Having the information in the databases of the Civil Registry, in the shortest possible time, makes us consider today, the need to take advantage of technological resources, so that day by day, we can provide a better service to the people administered and as far as possible, this service involves the digitization of data from the moment in which the vital facts or registrable legal acts occur. Notaries declaring marriages from their offices are part of the challenges that we have set ourselves and that we are now meeting today.

The system has been developed in such a way that it is a user-friendly tool that protects the security of the registry from the moment the Notaries are registered, with the incorporation of the “digital signature” certificates of the Central Bank of Costa Rica.

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The online connection with our databases, represents an additional input to the declaration, which will eliminate the possibility of declaring impossible marriages (article 14 of the Family Code) and transcription errors when the marriage celebrated is of Costa Rican persons, since the data will be extracted from these.

Marriage Certificate Chile

The Marriage Certificate is a vital record issued by state government offices stating that two people are married. This document includes information such as the full names of the bride and groom, and the place and date of the marriage.

It is also possible to find in some of these records additional information about the age and residence of the couple at the time of the marriage, details of the couple’s birth, names and birthplaces of their parents, the occupations and marital status of the spouses at the time of the marriage, and the names of the witnesses to the marriage.

It is important not to confuse the marriage license with the marriage certificate. A marriage license is only a document that authorizes a couple to marry, and can be issued by a religious organization or a state authority.

Another very important procedure for which a marriage certificate is required is to complete an application process for a permanent resident card in the United States, also known as a Green Card.

Online marriage certificate

Additionally, the civil registry officials will also check whether you and your partner really want to live together and assume mutual responsibility. So-called “marriages of convenience” in which the couple does not wish to do so will not be concluded.

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If the registry office has checked all documents, they will be forwarded to the Berlin Court of Justice. There the papers will be checked again and a so-called “dispensation from the certificate of marital capacity” will be granted. This process can take a few weeks. The registry office will inform you when this phase is completed and you can celebrate your marriage.

Under similar conditions, same-sex couples, i.e. woman and woman or man and man, could also enter into a so-called “registered civil partnership” in Germany until September 30, 2017. With the entry into force of the law on marriage for all, same-sex couples can no longer register a domestic partnership as of 01/10/2017. Instead, since 01/10/2017 in Germany same-sex couples can also marry each other, regardless of their nationality.

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