Do you still get paper MOT certificate?

Do you still get paper MOT certificate?

Request vehicle technical data sheet

Order ITC/2536/2006, of July 26, 2006, which regulates the electronic support for the ITV card and modifies annexes 10 and 11 of Royal Decree 2140/1985, of October 9, 1985, which establishes rules on type approval of vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, as well as parts and pieces of these vehicles.

On the other hand, the modification, by means of this order, of annexes 10 and 11 of Royal Decree 2140/1985, is based on its third final provision, which empowers the Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce to modify by order the said annexes.

As part of the procedure for the preparation of this regulation, the mandatory hearing process has been carried out, in accordance with the provisions of Article 24.1.c) of Law 50/1997, of November 27, 1997, of the Government. Likewise, the provisions of this Order have been favorably reported by the Ministry of the Interior.

“c) Subscription of the ITV card that is issued in electronic support by a person authorized with a recognized electronic signature and registered in the Registry of Signatures of Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.”

Itv card in force

The DGT app has different functions available: in it, we can include the virtual driving license or the documentation of each of our vehicles. And among them is also included the possibility of consulting when the ITV of our car or cars expires. We tell you how to do it.

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This application, which included new features last December (request vehicle report, payment of fees and sharing vehicle information), is available on both iOS and Android.

When we register our profile in the application using the aforementioned keys, our cars or vehicles and all their data are automatically linked to miDGT. This section appears in a drop-down menu in our profile and is called ‘My Vehicles’. By clicking on it, our car or cars appear.

It should not be forgotten that driving with an expired or unfavorable ITV is a serious infraction, which does not entail the deduction of points from the driver’s license, but a financial fine of 200 euros (100 euros in prompt payment).

Electronic technical data sheet

Do not forget that in order to pass the ITV it is essential to come with the necessary documentation on the established date and time. It is also important that you know that the documentation depends on the type of ITV you are going to pass, since for a periodic inspection it is the same, but if you have to present your vehicle for another reason in one of our centers, the ITV documentation may be different.

To pass the periodic inspection of your vehicle, you must take into account that the process is the same for each of them, depending on the deadlines of course, but you must always come with the same documentation. In this guide we want to help you to carry out the ITV in the easiest and most comfortable way for you.

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If you want an invoice or you pass it in Catalonia, it is essential that you bring the driver’s ID card. If it is a mandatory ITV after a major renovation you have to include extra documentation to the papers for the inspection.

In the case of a non-periodic inspection, the documentation you need to pass the ITV changes and increases. For example, when you need to pass the inspection to approve a vehicle reform or to request a duplicate of the ITV card.

Spanish vehicle registration certificate

Vehicles with more than one owner (co-owners), in a situation of temporary or definitive deregistration, vehicles with historical license plates, with seals or refusals, and vehicles in the process of importation or whose owner is a minor or a person under guardianship. More information in the section “What is an exceptional case and how to carry out the procedure”.

The Ayuda Driving License and the Ayuda ITV card are necessary documentation for any vehicle to be able to circulate on the roads of our country.  If you have suffered a loss, theft or deterioration of any of these documents, it is important that you request a duplicate, which will contain the same information as the original document.

The ITV card or technical card is the document that certifies that the vehicle is approved to circulate on the roads of our country. These cards are issued by the ITV stations. If you need a duplicate, you must request it at any ITV station.

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