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D.s. 043 2007 em

(1) Any person who is to build, rebuild, reform, regularize buildings, open new openings or modify the existing ones in front of them, in urban or suburban properties of the Department of Florida, shall request the corresponding permit from this Municipal Intendancy or the respective Board, which shall be authorized or denied after a report from the competent Technical Offices.

Inc. 2) The Municipal Intendancy by founded decree, approved by the Departmental Board, may determine zones in the rural jurisdiction in which the Municipal Permit will be indispensable prior to the realization of constructions of the same nature as those indicated in paragraph 1) of the present Article.

Inc. 3) The works may not be started without having obtained the municipal approval of the project as well as the other required documents; which shall be kept on site during the works. Said documents shall be shown to the duly authorized municipal officials whenever they request them.

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In other words, any company that wants to work as an installer or maintainer of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and solar thermal energy must have at least one person with the professional card in force. This professional accreditation is personal, it is not granted to companies and in order to be qualified by the industry as an installer or maintenance company, the company must have workers who provide this technical training.

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As mentioned above, qualified companies must have at least one person with the RITE card. Those who are not accredited may work as assistants air conditioning installer, heater, solar energy installer or related work, but the company must have at least one person in charge with a license. However, it should also be noted that there are already companies that require all their workers to have the accreditation for several reasons:

One way to obtain the RITE license directly is through certain university and vocational training qualifications. The criteria on the qualifications that can validate the accreditation may vary from one community to another, since article 42 of the RITE is somewhat ambiguous and is somewhat open to interpretation.

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This Ordinance shall hereinafter be known and cited as the Draft Building Ordinance for the Department of Colonia and once approved by the competent authorities shall be designated the Building Ordinance for the Department of Colonia.

It corresponds to the level, at the intersection of the perpendicular that passes through the midpoint of the front of the property with the curb of the sidewalk, or the level of the axis of the street, in case there is no built curb.

Said Reference Level shall be considered by the Municipality as the origin (±0.00) of all the levels to which any element or sector of the building refers, which shall be clearly indicated in the requirements of the requested Building Permit.

In those cases in which the topography of the property presents special characteristics (very pronounced slopes or unevenness), in the case of properties fronting two streets, or when the Municipality considers it necessary, the project must include altimetry and contour lines of the terrain every meter, in order to be able to appreciate if the spirit of the Ordinance is respected in all its aspects, fundamentally in what refers to the height. The levels shall be subscribed by a Surveyor Engineer and shall include a reference point that shall remain unchanged until the end of the work.

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Royal Decree 1027 2007

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