Can you book MOT after expiry?

Can you book MOT after expiry?

Itv 30 days before

After the restrictions during the state of alarm, there are many sectors that have recovered the activity and the ITV stations join in this new stage complying with all the regulations and health recommendations to ensure the safety of all customers.

How long do I have to pass the ITV after the state of alarm? For drivers who should have passed the ITV or whose ITV expired during the state of alarm, you should know that the new dates for passing the ITV have been published in the BOE (Official State Gazette).

With the accumulation of vehicles with pending revisions in some areas, it is complicated to get an appointment to have your car checked. For this reason, the Council of Ministers of July 7 approved an extension of 3 months for vehicles whose ITV expired between June 21 and August 31, as published in the BOE of July 8.

Itv alarm status

Thus, drivers whose ITV expired during this period have a period of 30 days after the end of this period, plus 15 additional calendar days for each week elapsed since March 14, the date of entry into force of the state of alarm.

This moratorium, however, does not affect the 2021 MOTs. Therefore, the expiration of the new inspection -remind AECA-ITV- “will be assigned according to the one the vehicle already had and which is stated in the inspection card, so users are recommended not to delay their inspection”.

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The inspection centers have established the usual hygiene measures in any store: personal protection elements for the employees, use of hydroalcoholic gels, disinfection of the facilities and, above all, keeping the distance and reducing the capacity in the offices, place where the contact between employees and users is closer. For this reason, the stations also recommend online payment of fees.

Itv official appointment

The expiration date of the ITV is specified in the vehicle’s technical data sheet. In fact, every time you pass it, the mechanic is in charge of recording it so that you know when you have to come back. But what happens if it expires and you have not been able to go? Don’t worry: we are going to explain it in detail below.

Therefore, the margin of time to pass the ITV once it has expired is zero. That is to say, from the day after the expiration date, any traffic authority can sanction you if your ITV is expired. It does not matter if you have already made the appointment and you have it for a date close to the expiration date.

For example, until that moment, if your ITV expired on February 1st and you exceeded it on January 15th, the deadline would also be January 15th. In other words, you would “lose” 16 days. Since 2017, as long as you exceed it in the 30 calendar days prior to its expiration, you will keep the original date (in this example, February 1).

Expired Itv

Likewise, the vehicle inspection process has also undergone some modifications to adapt to prevention measures: for example, inspectors will not enter passenger cars and will request the collaboration of customers to inspect the interior of the vehicle.For vehicles with category M2 and M3 (buses and cabs), they must have been cleaned and disinfected before passing the ITV inspection, in accordance with Royal Decree 463/2020 on required daily cleaning conditions, in order to allow access to the company’s personnel to carry out the inspection.

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By orders of the Administration, the second inspections must also be attended by appointment, as a security measure to avoid crowds at the stations. We remind you that vehicles with an unfavorable ITV may not circulate except to go to the workshop to repair the serious defects, or to go to the ITV to verify that the defects have been cured.  The ITV station will assess the cases of customers with free days to pass a second inspection.MoratoriumOnce the State of Alarm ends the moratorium for vehicles whose ITV has expired during this period will be as follows:  *If the extension of the State of Alarm is extended, this date will be modified according to the final date of the State of Alarm.The Ministry of Industry indicates that the end date of the State of Alarm for Catalunya and Euskadi is 18/06/2020.

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