Can police tell if you have MOT?

Ingenio tests an innovative “Police Scan”.

We have detected contradictory information about fines on cars that have not passed the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) and are parked on the street. Some say that the DGT cannot fine you if the vehicle is not circulating and others say it can. We have consulted the law and yes, a parked car can be fined for not having passed the ITV, although both the Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) and the Guardia Civil de Tráfico assure that it is very unusual.

A magazine specialized in motor issues assures that “the DGT will not fine vehicles without ITV that are not circulating”. Another reports the opposite: “Yes, the DGT will fine you for not passing the ITV on your car parked on the street”.

We have contacted the DGT and they assure us that “they are not going through the streets” looking for vehicles parked without ITV, but that “the local police are obliged to sanction vehicles that do not comply with the law”. These sanctions reach the Provincial Traffic Headquarters – “extension of the DGT in the territories”- which is the one that “receives, processes and collects the fine”. The act of issuing the fine corresponds to “the local police, within the urban centers, and to the Civil Guard of Traffic on the highway”.

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The Guardia Civil detects who does not pay car insurance

Technological advances in the automotive world go beyond the devices found in the vehicles themselves. Law enforcement officers also take advantage of these technological bonanzas to make the most of their daily tasks: for example, controlling and fining drivers.

OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) technology tries to emulate the human eye’s ability to recognize objects: in this case, with software that recognizes different types of text fonts and characters. Applied to radars, this technology makes it possible to digitize license plates and, thanks to a specific program, compares this information with traffic data.

This radar can be easily installed on the top of the police car, allowing it to perform its task while they go about their daily surveillance work. It works both in motion and stationary, and triggers an audible alarm when it detects a license plate violation. For the moment, the Sopela Police will be in charge of starting to use this device, for which the Biscayan consistory has invested about 9,000 euros and has signed a collaboration agreement with the DGT to exchange communications in this regard.

CSIF announces that 7 motorcycles of the local police have

Agents of the Local Police of Vigo have fined nine of its 12 cars and two vans that had the ITV expired a month ago. After the sanction, the headquarters accelerated the procedures to achieve, in hours and without an appointment, to pass the technical inspection of vehicles.

“The big problem is that they continued to use them despite the requirements. We have to do our job, or rather, we have to fulfill our obligation. Otherwise we would be incurring in a serious problem of prevarication”, explains one of the agents to the aforementioned media.

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For days, the head of the Vigo Local Police headquarters reiterated on several occasions to the officers that everything was correct and, once the documentation surfaced, blamed the leasing company contracted by the City Council to manage the fleet.

Tired of the situation, finally the Local Police officers went a step further and decided to issue fines against the agency’s own vehicles, at a rate of 200 euros per vehicle. A sanction that the Vigo City Council will have to face.

Don’t be FOOLED, ONLY traffic police officers can

– Advertising -Share this articleRD 920/2017 of 23 October transposed the directive 2014/45/EU to our ordinance of the European parliament and the Council of 3 April 2014, relating to the technical inspections of motor vehicles and their trailers, repealing Directive 2009/40/EC and RD 2042/1994.

Art 7.3 of RD 920/2017 determines the inspection prior to registration and the periodic inspection that corresponds to vehicles belonging to the FFAA and FFCCSE, State Vehicle Fleet and police of CCAA.

The technical inspection of vehicles assigned to the General Directorate of the Police will be preferably carried out in the own ITV stations, fixed or mobile, with personnel with the official qualification provided for in Rea Decreto 920/2017. Of October 23 or with the own qualification granted by the Training and Improvement Division of the Directorate General of the Police.

In those localities where there are no ITV stations of their own or are displaced, the inspection of vehicles attached to the same may be carried out in any ITV station of the network of stations of the national territory, including the ITV stations of other institutions.

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