Can I get free cavity wall insulation?

Injecting polyurethane into walls

The second important step is to inspect all wiring and plumbing connections within the interior of the walls prior to reconstruction. Plumbing and electrical lines will have pressure applied to them as the demolition process takes place, which may result in the need to tighten and reconnect fixtures. Inspect electrical junction boxes for debris or mud, as it can often accumulate in the lower areas of the walls. Wall ties should be inspected and evaluated for integrity. If the wall ties are slightly loose, the application of closed-cell foam, described later in this article, will compress between the wall tie and stud, providing a tie that can resist lateral pressures. The local building inspector (code official) will generally determine the acceptability of the actual ties and recommend what they require for their jurisdiction.

Blown-in insulation

Blown-in insulation is the thermal insulation technique with the least complications for the client, the most economical and quickest (even in less than 24 hours), with which savings in air conditioning of more than 60% can be achieved.

Once our specialists have confirmed that the enclosure walls have adequate cavities for insulation blowing by means of an endoscope inspection, we proceed as follows:

Insulation blowing is a fast and economical insulation technique that does not change the appearance of the facade, nor does it require scaffolding work if it is performed from the inside, although it can also be performed from the outside of the house or building.

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The concept of cavity blowing is simple, but requires a refined technique. It is necessary to previously check the existence of installations (wiring, ducts, etc.) and the technical specifications of the wall, so a correct endoscopic inspection by an approved installer is essential.

Rock wool

How can I soundproof the walls of my room in the most cost effective way possible?Joyce My room is next to the kitchen on one wall, a hallway on one wall, the outside on one wall and the computer room on the other. The wall that bothers us the most is the kitchen wall. We would like to soundproof the kitchen wall and maybe the hallway wall. Is that possible without costing a fortune? Chris Cudmore What’s on either side of the kitchen wall – is it shower / cabinets? oscilantecretina It sounds like you want to soundproof your bedroom walls. In any case, check out QuiteRock and Green Glue.

Injected cellulose

The insulation of a house is essential for the well-being, comfort and health of its inhabitants. If the temperature varies extremely between seasons and energy costs soar, it is time to consider the option of insulating a house already built.

There are a number of key points through which heat can escape both in winter and cold in summer. These are areas that must be reviewed to ensure that we are not falling into an unnecessary overexpenditure.

Although in each home may vary depending on the particular characteristics, the walls, roof, doors and windows are usually the biggest sources of leaks. Specifically, we are talking about 30% of energy through the walls, another 30% through the roof and 25% through doors and windows.

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The most effective option is exterior insulation, although it is not always feasible, especially in the case of apartments. In any case, among the options for thermal insulation of facades, the Exterior Thermal Insulation System (SATE) stands out.