Can I get a copy of an electrical installation certificate?


The Electrical Bulletin officially accredits the good state of the electrical installation of the houses. Its price is not regulated and can reach up to 300 €. How long does it take to be issued and in what situations is it needed?

Taking into account these three factors, the price of the electric bulletin can go from 70€ to 300€, with an average price of 186€. Therefore, it is recommended to make a prior comparison before making a decision.

The Electrical Installation Certificate must be issued by an authorized electrician or an accredited company (associated or not to the distributor). Whichever option is chosen, the user must make sure that it is authorized and provides the seal of quality to the electric bulletin.

The electric bulletin does not have a definite term of emission. It all depends on the company or electrician contracted. Some may issue it at the same moment, while others may take several days.

The BRIE was created in 2014 and guarantees the maintenance and good condition of the electrical installations in the Catalan provinces. It is valid for 6 months and is requested in the following steps:

Electrical Installation Certificate

If you are looking for this certificate and have doubts about how to obtain the Electrical Installation Certificate or which are its requirements. Do not worry, you will have no more doubts so stay and read this article so you can handle this information perfectly.

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The web portal of Ciudadano Digital, together with the Government of the Province of CÓRDOBA, has made available its web portal in order to make available to the argentine citizens to carry out procedures via internet in a safe way.

This law aims to control and register the installations and management of electrical services for the proper use of technological devices and personnel who handle it either in any company or property.

But the prices of installations depend on the associated or anonymous companies which publish their estimated installation fee, either dictated by the same electrician by order of the entity.

How to obtain the electricity certificate

After receiving the certificate of low voltage electrical installation, you will also receive 5 copies with the rest of the documents. But there is the possibility of requesting a copy of the electric bulletin in case of any eventuality such as the ones we will discuss below.

The first action to take is to contact the installer immediately, it is a solution to obtain a copy of the electrical bulletin easily. It would be enough to indicate him the day of the inspection so that he searches among his files, but sometimes this is not always possible.

Another option is to contact the electricity distribution company or the distributor who should have in their hands the electric bulletin of the day in which the contract was formalized or the electricity supply was registered.

When the bulletin is delivered the installer keeps two copies, the other three copies are destined one for the industry, one for the owner and one for the supplying company. In case of losing the copy of the electric bulletin it is necessary to follow the steps raised in this article to obtain it, but if there is no success or there is no copy of the bulletin it will be necessary to request a new one.

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Registration of low voltage electrical installations

I want to register the electricity supply in a house from 2005 that I just bought, the supply has been cut for some time, and they ask me for the following documentation:-Certificate of habitability -Certificate of electrical installation -Is it a house or an apartment?

It is an apartment HefnerWell, ask any neighbor to let you see his installation bulletin, where the name of the installer comes, and once you know it, go and ask him for a duplicate.

There must be 5 copies of the bulletin 2 that must have the installer1 industry1 the owner1 the supplier companyask in industry, or insist the supplier company (not the marketer) if you have number cups you will be more facilespero you find it

Hefner wrote:It is an apartment HefnerWell ask any neighbor to let you see your installation bulletin, where the name of the installer, and once you know you go and ask him for a duplicateA saludojuliodiez wrote: there must be 5 copies of the bulletin 2 that the installer has to have them1 industry1 the owner1 the supplying companyask in industry , or insist to the supplying company (not to the marketer ) if you have number cups you will be more facilespero that you find itThank you very much to bothI will try by the way of industry and supplying company, since I do not know who is the previous owner and the installer.

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