Can an electrician do PAT testing?

Can an electrician do PAT testing?

Electrician. Contact resistance measurement

By organizing our business into six distinct application segments, we have created a more structured approach to our customers’ requirements across the entire electrical value chain. This arrangement helps build invaluable profiles of global energy markets and the changes taking place in the segments within them. Armed with this invaluable knowledge and supported by the extensive experience of our applications engineers, we are able to tailor our services and product delivery to ensure that our customers can always stay in power!

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Read and interpret blueprints, schematics and sketches of electrical items, as well as circuit diagrams and electrical code specifications to determine the layout of wiring in new or existing buildings.

You must be able to locate and install a wide range of electrical equipment in order to ensure environmentally responsible and safe operation. That’s why your skills include installing, altering, replacing, repairing and maintaining lighting components and electrical control and distribution equipment such as switches, sensors or other electrical components.

He has to perform preventive maintenance programs and keep detailed records. That is why you have to test electrical and electronic equipment and components to verify the continuity of electricity, current, voltage and resistance using test devices such as voltmeters and ammeters to ensure the compatibility and safety of the systems.

MER-1:How to measure the continuity of the Protective Conductor

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The qualified electrician will issue a “Certificate of Suitable Electrical Installation” when there are new installations, modifications or extensions of the existing ones. They will also issue it in the case of new installations of users who internally generate their own electric energy and are connected to the distribution network. They may also act in the case of circumstantial and temporary installations.

To enroll in this course, it is required to be an electrician installer who wishes to validate and/or develop the capacities required by the Electrical Safety Law Nº 10.281 of the Province of Córdoba (and its Regulatory Decree Nº 1.022) and thus obtain the pertinent qualification.

Every time a Qualified Electrician Category III is going to carry out an electrical installation, he/she must prove his/her registration, for which purpose he/she must show the certification or card issued by ERSeP, plus its publication in the official web page of this entity.

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Procedure for the measurement of grounding, according to the new Resolution, the N°900 (Res. SRT 900/2015) called “Protocol for the Measurement of the grounding value and verification of the continuity of the masses in the Work Environment” (PAT Protocol), issued on April 28, 2015 the Superintendence of Labor Risks (SRT) and with effective date thirty working days after the date of its publication in the Bulletin.

A. Purpose To determine the Resistance values of the Grounding (PAT) and Continuity system to verify if they are within the range requested by the Regulations in force. Grounding systems are established with the main purpose of limiting the voltage that, with respect to ground, the metallic masses may present at a given moment (contact voltage), between different places of the ground in the vicinity of the grounding system (step voltage) and to ensure the performance of the protections (R of the grounding system).

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