Can a father apply for a birth certificate without the mother?

Can a father apply for a birth certificate without the mother?

Free birth certificate

After 40 days after the birth, if the birth took place in a medical establishment, the Provincial Registry performs the registration ex officio. In this case, the mother must go with the newborn to a delegation to receive the birth certificate and to process the DNI (National Identity Card).

In the cases of in-person procedures indicated above, the procedure is carried out at the Delegation of the Provincial Registry of Persons corresponding to the place of birth or at the Delegation corresponding to the parent(s) by domicile. There are also delegations in hospitals, you can consult them by clicking on the following button.

Civil registration

4. When the birth must be registered in the Delegations of the Assistance Centers due to a complaint from the hospital, if the registration has not been achieved with the express consent of the mother and 40 days have elapsed since the birth, the corresponding entry shall be made and the mother shall be notified.

9. In the cases in which a woman appears to recognize a child born out of wedlock, proving that she has given birth to the child by means of a medical certificate, even if at the date of birth she was under the minimum age for marriage, the respective entry shall be made, unless the birth certificate was drawn up in accordance with section 242 of the Civil Code, in which case, she shall be notified of the respective registration.(1).

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10. In cases in which it is a male who appears to recognize an extramarital child, who at the time of recognition was an adult minor, emancipated minor or adult, even if at the date of birth he was under the minimum age for marriage, the respective entry shall also be made.(2)

Marriage certificate

If you are registering in the municipality where both parents are registered, you must appear together and provide the following documents in addition to the above documents:

Who can do itIf the registration is done from the hospital, the procedure can be carried out by the father, the mother, the closest relative or, failing that, any person of legal age who was present at the place of birth, the management of the hospital, clinic and health establishment or the medical or health personnel who attended the birth, when the birth took place outside a health establishment, provided that any of the following circumstances are met:

If you have not been able to do so from the health facility, you have ten days to register the birth before the Civil Registry office or Justice of the Peace. This period can be extended up to 30 days provided that just cause is shown.Where to present itAt the hospital or at the Civil Registry or Justice of the Peace of the municipality where the birth takes place or where both parents are registered.How we respondIf you register at the hospital, they will give you a receipt for having made the communication and, subsequently, you will receive a birth certificate by regular mail or electronically. It is no longer necessary to update the Family Book, but if you wish, you can go to the Civil Registry Office or Justice of the Peace to have the birth recorded.

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How to apply for a birth certificate

In this article we will explain how to register the birth of a newborn in Bolivia and how to request the birth certificate to carry out all the procedures applicable to the life of the new Bolivian citizen.

With it, the newborn can obtain his or her identity card, update his or her immigration status, enroll in a school, enroll in college, formalize an employment contract, join the armed forces, get benefits from state programs, contract a social security, apply for a driver’s license, process a passport, etc.