What things are included in a documentation of a software?

What things are included in a documentation of a software?

Documentation of an example software

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The Process for software development, also referred to as the software development life cycle, is a structure applied to the development of a software product. There are several models to follow for establishing a process for software development, each of which describes a different approach to different activities that take place during the process. Some authors consider a life cycle model to be a more general term than a particular process for software development. For example, there are several specific software development processes that fit into a spiral life cycle model.

A large number of software development organizations implement methodologies for the development process. Many of these organizations belong to the arms industry, which in the United States requires a certificate based on its process model in order to obtain a contract.

Software Documentation

Specification tools – Support the process of formulating the characteristics that an application should have, such as input, output, processing and control specifications. Many include tools to create data specifications.

Testing tools – Support the phase of evaluating a system or parts of a system against specifications. They include facilities to examine the correct operation of the system as well as the degree of perfection achieved compared to expectations.

A set or arrangement of procedures or programs related so that together they form a single unit. A set of facts, principles and rules classified and arranged in an orderly manner showing a logical plan in the union of the parts. A method, plan, or classification procedure for doing something. It is also a set or arrangement of elements to accomplish a predefined objective in Information processing. This is done with certain principles in mind:

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Importance of software documentation

Because information in document form drives almost every action in any organization, the ability to control this information usually means the difference between success and failure. Therefore, document control remains the most critical quality assurance discipline.

As with many other systems, document control is most successful if it is simple, intuitive and easy to use. And the first step toward this end is to decide exactly which documents should be controlled.

Document control is among the most critical tools for compliance in highly regulated industries. Organizations at every stage of the lifecycle can benefit, from startups to organizations approaching market approval.

A document control system supports regulatory compliance records management and quality management systems for documentation. Document control software systems support paperless process automation, quality document management, such as non-conformance reports, and audit trails.

Technical documentation examples

The main objective of the task of “documenting the system requirements” is to continue with the definition of the software system to be developed, taking as a starting point the general requirements and the use cases in its initial version, and considering the business objectives and the business model to be implemented.

The use cases that are considered necessary are completed with more information and the general requirements are detailed in functional, non-functional, integration and technical restrictions requirements.Documenting the system requirements is one of the activities that are part of the process Develop the requirements of a software system that satisfies the business needs of the Requirements Engineering process.    Diagram of the task Document the requirements of the software system to be developed.

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It is necessary to elaborate a requirements specification document following the ERS structure and contents model specified in MADEJA, i.e. it contains all the mandatory sections, the content of the sections is according to what is specified in MADEJA and the appropriate templates are used correctly.