What is the purpose of Looker?

What is the purpose of Looker?


Looker allows users to visualize data with a finite list of native visualization options, sometimes requiring integration with third-party tools for custom visual elements.

In Looker, end users have limited ad hoc analysis functionality. That results in dependencies on a few technical specialists who must perform analysis at the data model layer or program in functionality to satisfy user requirements.

Looker’s architecture requires that a direct connection to the data be established. That can involve significant investments in databases, reliance on an efficient enterprise ETL process, and limited connectivity options to data sources.

Looker’s data model requires the organization’s business logic and data governance to be managed at the proprietary metadata layer, which increases the risk of vendor lock-in and limits flexibility.

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Looker’s collaborative model allows you to centralize business logic definitions, as well as accelerate development and implementation models. It connects directly to your database, which means you can access data in real time. Looker’s philosophy is to provide the possibility of self-service analysis, empowering users to create reports and dashboards independently. Looker’s API allows you to integrate the tool into your existing workflow, bringing data to where your users need it most.

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An intelligent platform that allows everyone in the organization, regardless of their background, to view and explore data to make the decisions that best suit them. All this with metrics and business terms known to all.

Looker gives you access to real-time information to build relevant dashboards and reports that work as a starting point for deeper analysis. It also includes data tools for exact purposes that work to support a specific function and a more specific business objective.

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