What is the latest version of NetApp ONTAP?

What is the latest version of NetApp ONTAP?

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If the options are set to “off” we can modify them again so that they remain active; there are cases where NetApp technical support can tell us to disable the background mode to control the update process manually or forced:

For example, in the above case, we would be manually launching the firmware upgrade process for disk 1.0.0, in which case we could incur an interruption of data access.

If we are in a manufacturer’s recommendation regarding minimum firmware version we can filter by both, disk model and revision. Once filtered we will download the .zip file containing all the necessary elements to store in the local repository of each node.

We can use an FTP server or use a Web server, you know that I usually use HFS for its simplicity and comfort when it comes to perform this type of operations. We have everything ready, all the nodes are with the bkg-firmware-update option “on” and we have uploaded the .zip file to our Web server so we just need to launch the update process.

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The ATTO FibreBridge 7600N ATTO storage controller enables synchronous site-to-site replication up to 300 kilometers by providing low-latency 32 Gb Fibre Channel connections to NetApp flash and disk systems while maintaining high resiliency. FibreBridge 7600N supports up to 1.2 million IOPS and 6,400 MB/s per controller.

NetApp MetroCluster enhances the built-in high availability and nondisruptive operations of NetApp systems with ONTAP software, providing an additional layer of protection for the entire storage and host environment.

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Jay Subramanian, vice president of ONTAP product management at NetApp, noted, “The combination of NetApp storage systems and ATTO connectivity solutions meet the superior performance, reliability, efficiency, and scale demanded by today’s enterprise applications.”

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FlexGroup: This functionality allows having NAS containers of up to 20PB under the same namespace, ideal for seismic workloads, software build environments, genomic interpretation and animation studios.

Encryption: This new version brings the evolution of this existing functionality in low-end equipment, now in different families and on different types of SSD and HDD disks, based on software without the need for special disks or additional licenses.

RAID-TEC: New RAID6 protection scheme with Triple parity according to current disk densities that does not affect performance during reconstruction thanks to erasure coding algorithms, ideal for disks >6TB.

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NetApp, a data-centric, cloud-focused software company, has unveiled a new version of its ONTAP software that powers on premises and cloud data services, and a number of new additions to its portfolio that leverage ONTAP to provide a flexible foundation for hybrid cloud, unify data management across environments from on premises to cloud, and simplify the consumption and operation of hybrid cloud services.

Enterprises need to upgrade their technology environments to support hybrid cloud operations. NetApp is refreshing its core solutions to better support these operations:

o FlexPod: The next generation of NetApp and Cisco’s world-renowned converged infrastructure platform has enhanced its core framework for hybrid cloud with the flexibility to run and manage all of today’s workloads.    Among these new capabilities are intelligent application placement on premises and in the cloud, automated data workflows in the hybrid cloud, and the ability to consume FlexPod as a fully managed cloud-like service.

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