What is the ISO standard for documentation?

What is the ISO standard for documentation?

Documentation iso 9001:2015

Companies whose function is document management must comply with two international standards, the first being ISO 30300 and the second ISO 30301. Thanks to this standard, transparency and optimization of resources have been gained.

This standard establishes the main fundamentals of a document management system and includes the precise terminology for applying the requirements of the management system. It provides the fundamentals of a Document Management System (DMS), taking into account aspects such as: relationships between the DMS and the management system, organizational context, the need for a DMS, principles of a DMS, process approach for a DMS, the role of top management and relationships with other management systems. ISO 30300 also contains terms and definitions related to documents, management, document management processes and those related to the DMS.

ISO 30301 refers to the way in which the system must be implemented to ensure document management. It establishes aspects such as the definition of the tasks to be performed by each party involved, as well as the process for measuring and evaluating results. It also includes the review of the management system.


ISO standards support a large part of the Management Systems in organizations around the world. They establish criteria and promote best practices in the different processes and procedures. ISO documentation control is one of the most effective tools for the fulfillment of these purposes, since it standardizes the way of managing information, which allows for better training processes and contributes to mitigate risks at all levels.

Centralizing and automating document management helps to mitigate risks, facilitating compliance with the requirements of ISO standards. Automated document control facilitates the implementation of an employee training program, which is a first and very important step in risk management.

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Risk managers are automatically notified of changes in policies and procedures, new training program requirements or any other changes relevant to the management system.


OpinionContinuous improvement in document managementMª Dolores YudegoDocumentation and LibraryRepsolAs is easy to imagine, Repsol’s day-to-day work generates a large volume of documentation. As a result, those in charge of dealing with this information must not only consider what documentation to manage and safeguard, but also how best to do so.Read more

Carlota Bustelo RuestaPresident CTN 50/SC 1Document management and applicationsConvenor ISO TC46/SC 11/WG 08 Management system for recordsElena Cortés RuizSecretary CTN 50/SC 1Document management and applicationsSubdirectorate General of the State Archives Ministry of Culture

The current documents of organizations can be not only files in certain formats or physical documents, but also information contained in databases or even collected through a web page.

Among the new document management concepts is the identification and assessment of the organizational context as a source for determining document management requirements. These requirements are understood in two ways: the documents that the organization must create, capture and manage, and how it must create, capture and manage them.


When facing the development and implementation of a Quality Management System in an organization, based on the ISO 9001 standard, it is often believed that the documentary requirements that this would imply would be enormous. The new version of the ISO 9001:2015 standard has made this task much easier, as it is considerably more lax in terms of what the documentation requirements entail, relative to its predecessors.

Although the new ISO 9001:2015 standard has reduced the level of system documentation obligations, there are still a number of documents and records that are mandatory as a prerequisite for system certification.

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