What is the importance of document security?

Security in digital documents

The security policy consists of developing the appropriate action framework to safeguard the organization’s information. The main objective is to indicate the purpose of the Information Security Management System and the document itself.

Clause 6.2 of ISO 27001 establishes all the information security objectives. One of the most relevant is that they should be measurable, for which it will help to keep in mind the three key principles of this international standard:

In many cases, executives are not sure how information security can help them in their organization. For this reason, the main objective of the policy is for management to define what they want to achieve when implementing ISO 27001 in terms of their company’s information security.

The next purpose is to create a document in which executives will understand the objectives, and with it they will be able to control everything that happens within the Information Security Management System, so they do not need to know all the details.

Document Security

Archives are vital and more than necessary for people, organizations and society in general because without them they would have neither past nor future. They would live from day to day without any knowledge of their actions or those of others. Everyone wants to know their history and claims to be informed and documented, but not everyone pays the interest that archives deserve to get this knowledge.

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Archives are necessary in society because they promote knowledge, safeguard and preserve our memory, disseminate our historical heritage, provide access to citizens, guarantee data protection and intellectual property, promote historical and scientific research, support the documentary management of organizations, support transparency and accountability, and provide agility in locating information?

Can we ask for anything more? Yes, but not from the archives, but from the governments… and that is to give them more consideration. Greater consideration that the International Council on Archives (ICA) seeks through the Universal Declaration on Archives. A Declaration that was drafted in September 2010 and adopted by UNESCO in November 2011.

The importance of controlling an institution’s documents

Many companies have not considered the importance of document security. They tend to keep almost all their papers in their own office, there is no access control, and they only occasionally make a backup copy of their electronic files. This contrasts with the great value of this information in the vast majority of businesses.

In addition to achieving greater security you will reduce your costs (copies, toner, filing cabinets,…) and the productivity of the company will improve thanks to: less time recovering information, ease of working in groups, access to data on the move…

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Importance of administrative documents

This is why companies now rely on document control systems to classify information and ensure that it is traceable so that it is available to staff at all times.

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They allow management teams to get quick access to documents and to send documents to staff to ensure that facts are reviewed and that all analysis is completed effectively in a given time period.

Instead of having to search multiple databases, they then analyze the information separately, and staff members can work on the same document at the same time, reducing delays in productivity.

Effective document control systems are now revolutionizing modern business. They are helping staff to collaborate on information management, reduce document errors and automate tasks to support your increased efficiency.

As you may have read, process automation is important in a modern business. If you want to know more about this specific process, we recommend you to read: Everything you need to know about document digitalization.