What is the difference between Checkmarx and SonarQube?

What is the difference between Checkmarx and SonarQube?

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ResponsibilitiesApplication Security Testing professional duties and responsibilities of the role will be:Although not all of them are required, breadth and depth of skills are expected, and will be valued, for this role: #GoSecurity

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Sonar metrics

ShareSecurity when working in DevOps processes is crucial. Currently, there is a great risk of introducing vulnerabilities in the applications we develop by using third-party libraries. We can give our teams all we want in terms of secure development, but if they use a vulnerable library, we compromise the entire application. In this post, we discuss some options that exist to minimize this risk.

During the month of February, we have been collaborating to help one of our customers to include security in their DevOps pipeline. Their main interest has been for us to introduce an analysis process in open source libraries to verify the following:

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To work in an automatic and effective way, we have been looking at different tools from different vendors, and we have identified a couple of workflows to achieve our goal:

As you can see, when we start the pipeline execution, we are incorporating a scan of the open source libraries. The different tools will identify them and check their internal databases to find any vulnerabilities they may have, as well as to verify their license and check if they comply with policies that we define ourselves.

Sonarqube maintainability

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