What is tender documentation?

What is tender documentation?

Conditions of a project

A detailed and complete technical description of the good or service that is the object of the contract: as explained in the chapter on the planning principle, the entity must have full certainty about the good or service it intends to contract, so that in the bidding documents, so that the participants in the process can formulate their bids properly, the entity must include a detailed description of the object to be contracted along with all the technical specifications that apply.

Selection criteria: Once the state entity has determined the need it intends to satisfy as well as the object of the contract and the corresponding selection modality, after the exhaustion of the previous planning stage, it must determine the criteria or factors for the selection of the offers based on which it will evaluate and qualify the proposals of those qualified bidders with the purpose of selecting the most favorable for the entity and the purposes it pursues (art. 5°, law 1150 of 2007.


(Administrative Law) Administrative document that details, generally in detail, the obligations and eventually the rights of the holder of certain administrative contracts (such as concessions; see this word) and of the beneficiary of certain authorizations (partition in allotment of lots; see this word), or that makes explicit the modalities of realization of certain decisions (for example: Concerted Planning Zone; see this expression).

It is defined as the set of clauses drafted by the Administration, specifying what is lawful, establishing the conditions of the contract to be entered into and determining the procedure to be followed in the bidding process.

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Sample solicitation documents for a public bidding process in colombia

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How to put together a bidding document

I would define it as the project document that regulates the relationship between the Promoter and the contractors, in which the rights, obligations and responsibilities between them are set out.

The bidding specifications include the technical specifications defined both in the plans and in the project report, specifying the technical characteristics of the materials, the auxiliary means to be used during the course of the works, as well as the equipment necessary to carry out the work units defined in the project.

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The project specifications must constitute a part of the service contract between the promoter and the contractor company, being the reference of the specifications in matters of deadlines, quality in the execution and causes that originate economic penalties.