What is SAP SolDoc?

What is SAP SolDoc?


SAP Solution Manager is a central application management platform that we can use within our SAP solution infrastructure to help us: Implement, Operate, Monitor and support all other SAP and non-SAP solutions.

– Optimize process management,- Ensure solution reliability,- Ensure operations are more efficient,- Facilitate implementation, migrations and software upgrades,- Adapt and deliver continuous improvement of our SAP Solution,

SAP Solution Manager is not a new solution within SAP, it is available since the beginning of SAP and like the rest of the products within the SAP solution catalog, it also evolves and is updated.

This option is necessary when it is installed within the SAP infrastructure along with the rest of the system, the system will be in the same network as the rest of SAP systems and it will be necessary to have the necessary hardware and software resources for it.

This delivery mode allows us to benefit from all the functionalities within SAP Solution Manager without worrying about maintenance or knowledge of system parameterization, this scenario is an intermediate step between the on-prem mode and the Cloud mode, thanks to the SMaaMS mode we can count on a certified Partner who will be responsible for hosting the solution and the delivery of services that can be in Self Service or Full Service mode.

Solman 7.2 – Test Suite – Test Case Management

“Optimize your business and its processes, improve the experience of your customers and employees and increase your productivity “These are changing times. We live in a fascinating era of constant evolution, where factors that until recently hardly mattered are now everything. You have to reinvent yourself!

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Our clients constantly benefit from our balanced approach to strategies, people and technological processes, as well as our team of talented specialists who are fully dedicated to making them successful in their business.

SAPIMSA participates in the SAP Services Partner and Business Partner program, regularly collaborates in the SAP Business Forum and other events organized by SAP both nationally and internationally.

SOLDOC is a company dedicated to document management, providing services such as “TRD”, “TVD”, “PINAR”, “PGD”, “ID” among others and now with our document management software “RADIK”, we provide a comprehensive service. we provide an integral service.

PQRSEs a tool that allows you to know your customers’ concerns and manifestations and thus have the opportunity to strengthen your service and continue on the road to operational excellence.

Solman Soldoc – Processing Process Hierarchy

In this way, key business processes can be monitored across the entire system environment, including all integrated systems. SAP Solution Manager provides integrated support of the lifecycle of an enterprise solution, from the Business Blueprint through configuration to production operations. SAP Solution Manager offers centralized access to preconfigured tools, methods and content that can be used during the evaluation and implementation of the solution, as well as in the operational processes of existing systems”.

Here in my country SOLMAN is used a lot, especially when you are going to manage a large SAP project, it serves to manage tickets or requirements that the customer requests, save functional and technical specifications, you can change the status of a ticket and you get an email notifying the status of the ticket, also serves to control the life cycle of the project.

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Greetings, SAP Solution Manager “SolMan”, is an independent system, currently in version 7.2, SolMan could be defined as a management system for both functional and technical processes, which supports the management of a SAP lanscape or Non-SAP system, if you have an OSS user to enter the SAP marketplace, you can find very complete information at service.sap.com/solutionmanager or h_tps://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/SAPITSM.

Teb Demo Soldoc 202103

Focused Build proposes a different way of approaching projects through an integrated approach that covers Project Management (PPM), Process Management (Soldoc), Change Management including and Testing Management. This new approach, aligned with SAP Activate in its Agile flavor, allows its use in a short period of time.

Why Focused Build? Historically, SAP Solution Manager was considered as a basis product to be used to support technical tasks, such as EWA management, to be able to manage the software through the marketplace (Maintenance Planner), to manage certificates. On the functional side, as a support to the Applications Life Cycle, the product evolved over time.

Faced with this, questions arise: what and how to use Solman, what is the effort to implement the various functionalities, are there consultants prepared to implement it, do the integrators know and use Solman, and what is the value generated by this platform? The reality was that few companies faced in a concrete and timely manner, with an adequate use, with a clear roadmap, the implementation of SAP Solution Manager to manage projects or the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM).

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