What is SAP PLM?

What is SAP PLM?

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And within this idea that I had, possibly wrong, I understood that PS, QM, DMS, PM and others (SAP submodules within the “normal” ERP) well configured and integrated with that joint “philosophy” were what constituted the mySAP PLM solution.

The question is, can someone who knows what a PLM consultant is and what his functions are explain it in understandable, basic language…? Is it a kind of SAP superguru who knows in detail all the modules or is it rather a kind of process engineer, someone who knows the utilities and capabilities of those individual modules without being an expert in them but who has a transversal knowledge of the product lifecycle and its management?

Sap ppm

SAP Engineering Control Center provides interfaces for the integrated management of drawings, components, bills of material and documentation with the main CAD system manufacturers: Catia, Inventor, Soliedge, Solidworks, ePlan, eCAD, NX and Autocad.

SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) is the platform that centralizes all information relating to the life of each material. It has centralized all the connection points between the different references to be manufactured and all the relevant documentation.

Sap scm

Adept ExplorerSlim or simple client based browser access to view documentation and CAD visualization, ideal for review and approval processes. There are other modules such as Adept Reviewer and Adept PublishWave.

ARAS PLM is a suite of Product Lifecycle Management PLM, Enterprise Quality Management and Global Supplier Management business solutions, which addresses different industries such as manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, industrial, consumer products and medical devices. Aras PLM can be used in document management, quality control, product lifecycle management, requirements management, ERP and CRM linkage.

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Software that provides PDM/PLM project and document management functionality for SolidWorks. It consists of modules such as DB Works Express and DB Works Enterprise depending on the needs of the work group.

For example the DBWorks Express option includes, parts management by categories, revision control, AutoCad integration, bill of materials management, e drawings visualization, check in check out methods, configuration management, scheduling and visual aids among other functionalities.

Sap projects

Using SAP PLM software gives you the ability to create and manufacture products that meet a market need and are innovative. In addition, the software allows you to maintain standards and management throughout the development process and bring the product to market quickly.

Thanks to efficient product management, the product will meet industry standards for quality and be in compliance with regulations. The software gives you the agility in the market that your competitors do not have. After we have worked with you to ensure that the software is implemented properly, we will make sure that any questions you have during the process are answered quickly.

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