What is pie note?

What is pie note?

How to say “torta” in Spain

With this guide you will know what to order when you enter the wonderful Portuguese pastry shops. And remember to press play AND LISTEN TO THE PODCAST if you don’t feel like reading and you are one of those who just look at the pictures.TAGS: FOOD TRAVEL, TRAVEL, PORTUGAL, BREWING AND BAKERY, ESCAPE, GUIDES, PODCAST

SERRADURA CAKEImportant: this is one of the Portuguese desserts that does not contain eggs. Take note: a base of Maria cookies, a mixture made with cream and condensed milk and cookies sprinkled on top. It is a dessert that you will find on the menu of almost all Portuguese restaurants and is also known as Portuguese cream cake. The name serradura is due to the similarity of the topping with sawdust.

BABA DE CAMELOSi, yes, that’s what you’re thinking: the translation means “camel slime”, just like that. I have already told you about the creativity of Portuguese confectioners in naming and this is another proof of it. Be that as it may, and even if the name is a bit disgusting, it is my favorite Portuguese sweet. It is a cooked condensed milk mousse, like a kind of Argentinian dulce de leche but softer, with chopped almonds on top. It is to die for and you have to have a sweet tooth. It is more of a restaurant dessert than a pastry.

What is a pastel

The pastel is a colored stick used in drawing and painting . It is composed of pigments , a filler and a binder . It distinguishes between dry pastels (soft or hard) and fatty pastels (oil or wax).

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The pastel is very popular in the XVII ° century , with its bright colors and its ability to accurately imitate fabrics , textures and lights make it inseparable from the art of portraiture. It is used by many painters such as Rosalba Carriera, Charles Le Brun, Robert Nanteuil or Joseph Vivien.

However, it continues to be used and continues to evolve thanks to the Impressionists , Edgar Degas and Toulouse-Lautrec , and the Nabis (with, among others, Édouard Vuillard ), then experiencing a real renaissance in the 1890s with the Symbolist movement , its subtle technique. .being conducive to the expression of the concerns of these artists. These include Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer , one of the best pastel artists of the late XIX th century, Emile-René Ménard , Edmond Aman-Jean , Jeanne Jacquemin but the unclassifiable Odilon Redon . In the early twentieth century Simon Bussy is illustrated in the art of wildlife, but around 1950, the pastel technique seems to have disappeared.

Characteristics of a cake

Before refrigerating your pie or pie crust, you should be aware of which types of pies freeze best. Although most are suitable for freezing, you should remember that cakes without frosting are the best to refrigerate, just avoid freezing cakes that contain cream cheese or egg creams, either in frosting or filling. It is also not advisable to freeze fat-free cakes, as they are prone to dry out quickly.

You should select a wrapper because the humidity in the refrigerator could degrade the quality of the cake or dough. We recommend using aluminum foil, cling film, a resealable plastic bag or butter paper. You can also store the cake in a metal container, this way, in addition to preventing humidity, you will keep the cake away from freezer odors.

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After two months of freezing, the cake will begin to dry out. After four months, it will lose its flavor. Therefore, we recommend leaving it in the freezer for a maximum of three months if the cake does not have frosting and two months for those without frosting.

Meaning of birthday cake

As we know, the choice of colors in our decoration is the best way to project personality to the spaces. Regardless of the fashions or the style we want to give, we must reflect on what we want to convey since our future mood in that space will depend on it. Do not miss this post to know the trendy shades and their meaning.

Pastel colors have established themselves as a trend for 2019. We have seen light pastel palettes in shades of pinks, greens, blues… Even combined with each other. A soft mix of romantic shades that create a sense of calm and well-being. For example, pink is able to lift our spirits when we feel down and orange shades convey optimism and reduce fatigue.

Green represents nature, transmits peace and hope, and makes us feel calm. If we are looking for a stimulating effect, we can choose shades with a higher proportion of yellow. On the other hand, for a more relaxing effect, we should tend towards bluish tones.

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