What is Health Alliance connect?

What is Health Alliance connect?

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Need transportation to your medical appointments? Translink can take you to any appointment or service that is covered by Cascade Health Alliance through our Non-Emergent Medical Transportation program.

Non-Emergent Medical Transportation or NEMT is a covered benefit for Cascade Health Alliance (CHA) members in the Oregon Health Plan. CHA partners with Translink to offer this benefit. This benefit is available to eligible individuals who need travel assistance to and from medical services and do not have reliable transportation. NEMT trips are for scheduled health care appointments, not emergencies. Depending on your situation, Translink and CHA can help you get to your appointments in many ways.

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Alliance continuará proveyendo la primera, segunda y segunda dosis de refuerzo a nuestros pacientes. Si desea convertirse en un paciente de la Alianza, por favor llámenos al 707-433-5494. Estamos aceptando nuevos pacientes. Damos la bienvenida a Medi-Cal, Medicare, algunos seguros privados y auto-pago. No importa si usted tiene un número de Seguro Social o si prefiere un idioma diferente al inglés.

Junto con nuestro dedicado personal, líderes de la comunidad y apasionados partidarios, el Centro Médico Alliance sirve con orgullo a las diversas comunidades de Healdsburg, Windsor y la región circundante del Norte del Condado de Sonoma.

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We are a provider-owned coordinated care organization (CCO). That means we help you use your Oregon Health Plan (OHP) insurance to access the health care you need. Let us tell you more about CHA’s standard of care.

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Our mission: We strive to improve the health of our members by joining with our community partners to advocate for reliable, accessible, high-quality health care that empowers people living in our community to improve their health and well-being.

We have created a network of providers and community partners dedicated to the well-being of our members. Whether you need to see a specialist or simply need a ride to the doctor, we can help.

We work with almost every local provider. And we contract with every primary care clinic in Klamath County. So you get access to more than just doctors and dentists. Depending on your CHA plan, you also have access to other providers, such as chiropractors and naturopaths.

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Community Health Alliance (CCHA) coordinates treatment and services for members of Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid program). Our goal is to help you get the most out of your health care and live a healthy life. CCHA care coordinators work with you, your primary care provider and your family members or caregivers. As part of your health care team, they know your individual health care needs and help you create a plan to manage them.

Interactive texting is a great way to connect with your care coordinator when a phone call may not be necessary or convenient. Our care coordinators can provide you with resources or quickly answer your questions via text message.

We know that in everyday life there are often issues that affect your health and well-being. CCHA care coordinators can help you find community resources and government assistance programs. They can also assist you in completing applications and other paperwork.

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