What is an RPA framework?

Robotic process automation that is

And although this is clearly the case for payroll and personnel administration processes, RPA can also provide advantages in other talent management processes such as onboarding, selection, training or HR reporting, among others.

Among the main benefits derived from the implementation of RPA solutions, the companies surveyed highlighted the reduction in task execution time, increased productivity, greater agility and operational flexibility, as well as the reduction of errors and costs.

Translated into specific metrics, both the companies that have already implemented this type of solution, as well as those that are evaluating the possibility of implementing them, highlight as the main KPIs of improvement the speed in the total execution of tasks, the reduction of the error rate, the total cost per transaction as well as personnel costs.

Robotic process automation (rpa) as a reality

The Entel-ibai project was completed in 2018 but Talio’s doors were opened as IPS Coordinator. “A completely new business culture: evolutionary purpose, self-management, NER, Teal… I don’t have to forget the impact that Koldo Saratxaga and Frederic Laloux’s texts produced on me.” At Talio, he carried out the functions he had been doing since 2008: innovation, managed services, tenders, IT consulting… “but from a different perspective; culture is everything in an organization”. After eighteen months, he decided to stop and devote himself entirely to his other vocation: philosophy. “I couldn’t get rid of the burden of my doctoral thesis. Either I stopped or I gave up… and that was out of the question. I needed the time to think and write.” Along the way came the pandemic, and she did her bit to get her PhD on December 18, 2020.

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It was time to go back to the market. Talio was her first choice, “picking up where I left off,” and on February 1 she rejoined. Today it is clear to her that her path in computer science will follow the path of extreme automation and Artificial Intelligence, mind you, “always bridging its ethical, moral, even essential components; this is what I owe to philosophy.”

RPA Projects

Robotic process automation (RPA) is fast becoming an integral part of how businesses operate, streamlining and aligning many processes that until now have proven to be tedious, time-consuming and difficult to avoid errors.

“Bots” are software that can perform repetitive, high-volume tasks, freeing employees to focus on projects that generate greater value for an organization. Companies are using these applications to improve performance and data quality. But investing in RPA without a strategy that considers all aspects of the risks and costs associated with this technology can be just as dangerous as ignoring it altogether.

Whether your organization is just embarking on its RPA journey or is already well on its way, RPA is likely to become an integral part of your key business processes. It is vital for your organization to establish an RPA strategy that includes comprehensive governance, risk and control practices, and internal audit can bring business, risk and internal control expertise to that strategy.

What is RPA and what is it for?

In a nutshell, RPA refers to Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Its uses are practically unlimited in any type of industry that handles information technology (IT).

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Advantages and uses of RPAAn RPA has a structure that can be divided into two parts. The first is a digital input of structured data and the second is a processing logic based on established rules and conditions, which allow the robot to act in consequence of the received data in an automatic way. Incredible, isn’t it?

Therefore, this software technology allows to perform transactional tasks in any IT application. This used to be a manual task usually performed by a person, however, now there are robots that can save us the most tedious work and allow us to dedicate ourselves to other important tasks.Photo by: Pressfoto

For example, something as simple as checking mail by mail the confirmations and declined invitations to an event. Before, a person would check it manually and waste valuable time. With RPA technology you can work on something else and only answer emails with specific questions that require human intervention.

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