What is an example of Concur?

Soluciones de concurrencia

El acuerdo de asociación y cooperación y el acuerdo interino firmado por la Unión Europea con Bielorrusia sólo se ratificarán cuando la Cámara emita un dictamen conforme para el primero y un simple dictamen conforme para el segundo.

Coincide con la Comisión de Expertos en Aplicación de Convenios y Recomendaciones de la OIT, que ha indicado previamente al Estado parte que el empleo de niños como jinetes de camellos constituye un trabajo peligroso en virtud del artículo 3, párrafo 1, del Convenio nº 138 de la OIT.

Coincidimos con la conclusión del Grupo de que es imperativo desarrollar una estrategia global de lucha contra el terrorismo que aborde las causas profundas y fortalezca a los Estados responsables y al Estado de Derecho, así como a los derechos humanos fundamentales.

Coincidimos con las conclusiones del Grupo, en el sentido de que es imprescindible elaborar una estrategia mundial de lucha contra el terrorismo que permita abordar sus causas profundas y que refuerce la respuesta de los Estados, el Estado de derecho y los derechos humanos fundamentales.

Concur manual English

This article explains how to use copy activity in an Azure Data Factory or Synapse Analytics pipeline to copy Concur data. The document is based on the Introduction to Copy Activity article which describes general information about Copy Activity.

This connector is currently in preview version. You are welcome to test it and send us your feedback. If you want to rely on the preview connectors in the solution, please contact Azure support.

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You can copy data from Concur to any supported Receiver datastore. See the supported datastores table for a list of datastores that the copy activity supports as sources or receivers.

For a complete list of the sections and properties available for defining datasets, see the datasets article. This section provides a list of the properties supported by the Concur dataset.

Sap concur mexico

Studies show that corporate finance teams spend a full day every week on administrative tasks. Non-automated expense management is one of the tasks causing the problem. Think of the hours you and your team spend making manual entries, searching for incomplete documents and obtaining validations.

Concur pioneered the integration of travel booking with expense reporting, creating the first integrated solution and continuing to innovate as SAP Concur. These solutions automate and connect every step, from expense claims and receipts to reimbursements.

Directly integrate ERP/accounting systems, travel suppliers, credit card providers, etc. – Capture and record expense data wherever it occurs, automatically populate expense lines on reports, and maintain data flow between systems. Therefore, automatically apply specific expense controls and verification rules to each transaction.

How to use concur

We offer two templates for SAP Concur integration. We recommend using the newer template from the Integrations category in most use cases, as it offers greater ability to configure the cached data structure. You can find the details of the old (retired) integration template in SAP Concur: Add old integration.

It is recommended to use OAuth 2.0 as the service authentication method whenever available. OAuth 2.0 ensures that the integration conforms to the strictest security requirements with the configured micro-application.

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Create a support ticket with Concur to configure the integration using OAuth 2.0 and record the correct authentication response URLs. We recommend using the following text for the support ticket:

Add the following authorized redirect URLs in Concur for this integration with access authorization grant to allow access to private data and enable actions by OAuth authenticated users. The first response listed does not change. The second response depends on the target application, and can be found in the URL bar when creating the integration. The {yourmicroappserverurl} section is composed of a tenant part, a region part and an environment part: https://{tenantID}.{region(us/eu/ap-s)}.iws.cloud.com: