What is an EMT report?

What is an EMT report?

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To this end, regular meetings are held in which experiences are exchanged and proposals for improvement are received, which the company takes on board to study their feasibility, and they are made aware of the new bus and technology incorporations, in order to carry out proximity actions towards these groups.

An important part, and very important to take into account, is the attention that people with disabilities receive from EMT Valencia. In this regard, the company takes care of this aspect in detail by offering its employees, and especially the nearly 1,200 drivers who deal directly with the user, continuous training courses aimed at customer service.

In the aforementioned course, special emphasis is placed on the assistance they must provide to those people who, due to their physical or mental condition, require greater involvement due to their limitations. These include getting as close as possible to the stop, using the kneeling system, and even the ramp if necessary, facilitating the validation of the trip,…

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@aslan, an association of technology companies whose aim is to energize the market and disseminate new technologies around the network, has published its Special Report 2021 “Digitalization Is Future”, in which, with the collaboration of associated companies and CIOs of organizations at the forefront of technology, it aims to present a vision of the opportunities offered by ICT innovation and the keys to cybersecurity.

The challenge was very big, as EMT manages a fleet of more than 2000 buses and a total of 213 lines, and it was necessary to obtain knowledge of mobility and transport demand by combining the information obtained from passenger validations and from other sources, such as gauges, city sensors, parking lots, apps, telephone data, etc.

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The Special Report 2021 “Digitalization is the Future” is part of @aslan’s Dissemination Plan, which aims to generate business opportunities through the creation of digital content that can be transmitted through channels such as websites, blogs or social networks and also through the dissemination of activities and presence at conferences, fairs and other business events.

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The order has a value of 3,750 € and is awarded in strict compliance with the law of contracts and respecting the regulations applicable to minor contracts. The chosen company, Gabinete Técnico de Auditoría y Consultoría S.A., is a regular supplier of EMT which, from 2005 to 2012, was in charge of auditing its annual accounts.

The purpose of the report is to verify the criteria used to determine the price of the assignment; to verify that there are no material errors; to verify that the base amounts used to make the estimates are verifiable; and to examine the forecasts of expenses and revenues. The work consists of verifying the reasonableness of the magnitudes that have given rise to the final price, both in tangible and intangible assets and in the value of the cash flow. The independent auditor concludes by validating the method used by EMT as well as the amount obtained. “We have verified the reasonableness of the criteria used to determine the transfer price of the contract for the transfer of the BiciMAD business unit,” the report concludes.

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“The result of the work of the commission found unresolved vulnerabilities in the bank reconciliation procedure and treasury control, as well as in the lack of delegation of functions in a protocolized way in a situation of leave or leave”.

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So reads part of the conclusions document of the commission of investigation of the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) to which elDieario.es has had access and that this Monday the president of the working group, the councilor and socialist mayor Elisa Valía, has delivered to the other members of the commission on the occasion of the board of directors held this noon.

The report highlights that “despite the fact that the company had initiated the development of protocols and procedures in the absence of the same in 2015 and with the arrival of the new management, this process had not been able to conclude in its entirety”.

In addition, it proposes “the dismissal of the director of the management area, María Rayón, as Director of Management, in view of the lack of diligence found”. As the head of the management area, “it has been possible to verify throughout the months of work of the commission numerous actions and decisions on the part of the head of the area that, although they did not facilitate the fraud, did not prevent it from continuing for more than twenty days”.

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