What is Alation used for?

What is Alation used for?

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Analyst freed from manual data transformation. New solution requires one hour of maintenance per week. Cloud-based licenses cost less than $100 per month. Elimination of manual processing errors.

Implementation of a cloud-based Data Warehouse. Established a role-based security model, including administrative procedures and policies. Added an internal support model to address skills needs and ensure usability and sustainability.

Significantly improved KPI visibility for management. Decreased data extraction and preparation efforts by more than 80%. Decreased turnaround time for KPI breakdowns from days to minutes.


In order to balance the freedom granted by self-service, MercadoLibre implements “controlled freedom” through governance practices. This includes different levels of knowledge-based permissions and custom sandboxes in which analysts work, allowing users to focus. At the same time, business analysts are provided with recommendations as they write queries in Compose, Alation’s query tool. For example, if a query contains an obsolete asset, it is highlighted in red with a warning. This lets the user know instantly that their query has a problem.

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“Organizations are increasingly overwhelmed with their data to the point where they can’t see the forest because they are focused on seeing the trees.    The Alation and Teradata Partnership aims to address this by combining machine learning, collaboration and collective participation to build intelligent catalogs that help guide end users to the right queries and to the right data,” said Tony Baer, Principal Analyst, Information Management, Ovum.

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Alation is currently used by numerous organizations that are Teradata customers. For example, eBay, which was recently honored at the Teradata PARTNERS Conference and Expo with the Teradata EPIC Award for its self-service analytics with Alation, is a Teradata customer.

The Teradata and Alation partnership includes joint engineering, sales engagement and joint marketing. Through this partnership, Teradata will again offer Alation Enterprise worldwide.    Teradata customers will be able to license Alation software under the existing terms of their Teradata Agreement.

Intro IBM Data Catalog

AlationAlation Data Catalog dramatically improves productivity, increases accuracy and drives confident data-driven decision making for analysts. Alation Data Catalog enables all users in your organization to search, understand and control data.

Inbrein MicroERDInbrein MicroERD provides the tools needed to create an accurate data model, reduce data redundancy, improve productivity and comply with standards. Through its user interface, which was developed based on numerous user experiences, a modeler can easily and comfortably work on database models. You can continually enjoy new and improved features of MicroERD through functional and timely enhancements and updates.

InfoLibrarian (metadata management server)InfoLibrarian catalogs, stores and manages metadata that helps you solve key data management pain points. InfoLibrarian provides resource management, data governance and metadata management solutions to manage and publish metadata from a diverse set of tools and technologies.

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