What is a VBA document?

What is a VBA document?


This time I show a macro that allows you to open word files that are listed in an Excel Listbox, that is to say another macro lists the Excel files in a Listbox and once they are listed by double clicking on the listbox item related to the WORD file you proceed to open Word to view the document.

If you need to handle Excel either from scratch or in an advanced way click here, if you want to learn about Excel in English, then you should click here. If what you need is to learn or deepen on macro programming with VBA this is one of the best online courses I’ve seen on the internet, I recommend you will not regret it.

Watch the video on how the macro works which contains a more detailed explanation of its coding and operation, I recommend watching for an easier understanding of the macro; subscribe to our You Tube channel, watch the playlist with related videos where you can see the related macros in action with an explanation in visual form that will help you understand the example more easily.


Saves presentation content as XML-based template that preserves VBA macro code.    VBA macros that run in PowerPoint 2011, but do not run in PowerPoint 2008.

The XML-based presentation format opens automatically in the Slide Show view and retains VBA macro code. VBA macros that run in PowerPoint 2011, but do not run in PowerPoint 2008.

Saves the workbook as a template that you can use to start new documents. Compatible with Excel 98-2004 for Mac and Excel 97-2003 for Windows. Saves settings such as formatting, titles, formulas, VBA macros, and custom toolbars. VBA macros do not run in Excel 2008.

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Stores data in binary format. Consumes less time to save, and helps you keep confidential data more secure. Preserves VBA macro code and Excel 4.0 macro sheets.  VBA macros do not run in Excel 2008.

Introduction to vba

A colleague, who also works with Excel, asked me the other day, if it would be possible to delete an Excel file automatically, once a certain date has passed, to create a demonstration of a template.

The following Excel macro does exactly that: When a certain date arrives (in this case, the one we enter in cell A1), it will inform us that the file is going to be deleted because the trial period has expired. Enter the following code in a standard module:

Visual basic excel examples

You can centrally manage VBA macros by saving them to session document files that reside on a network share or other location, and then setting up local session documents to reference these shared documents. Shared documents can reside anywhere, as long as it is a trusted location.

Reflection Desktop supports shared VBA macros for IBM (.rd5x and .rd3x) and VT (.rdox) session documents. You should create at least one session document file for each type of terminal you use. Session document files can only reference macros in the same session document type. For example, IBM3270 sessions can reference only session documents with an .rd3x extension.

NOTE: When Reflection cannot open a referenced session document, an error symbol appears next to the document. Your session cannot run macros on this file until you correct the problem.

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