What does a documentation manager do?

Document management examples

We hear a lot about document management, but we rarely understand the objectives and functions of its application in companies. Therefore, we would like to explain to you what the use of document management can contribute to your company. Take note.

As the dishes are served and cleared, they accumulate on the main counter. At first this may not present much of a conflict, but as time goes on, the number of dishes increases considerably, making it difficult to perform all the duties. Space begins to shrink, forcing employees to arrange the dishes in different places in the kitchen. As the day progresses, and by the end of lunch, the dishes will have taken up as much space as possible.

The accumulation of documents and information eventually leads to a total loss of control of what is produced and recorded, which influences the decrease in the effectiveness of administrative activities, which is why applying document management solutions could lead your company to continuous improvement.

Document managers examples

A document manager, for practical purposes, is like a paperless office. That is to say, an electronic central where to store documents that, if they had not gone through a digitalization process, would have a physical format on paper. In this way, the control and access to the stored documentation is very well organized due to its accessibility. They can be accessed, in a very well redistributed way, from practically any device.

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Thanks to the digitized layout of the documents that a company needs, the time lost in going to an archive or warehouse to get them, along with their drafting and subsequent scanning and copying, is expedited. It also allows all kinds of practices related to business bureaucracy from a single device to which the entire company can connect. Not to mention that it avoids the use of paper, reducing the impact on the environment. An all-in-one solution that acts as an immediate portal to business administration and a sustainable environment.

What does a document manager do?

It is a manager that stores and organizes all the documentation of a company digitally. It allows access to the required documents at any time. All the company’s information is updated, accessible and centralized.

Thanks to the document manager, the company’s information is digitized, organized and accessible to the members of the company. Employees will be able to consult the different documents with prior access granted by their managers.

Implementing a document manager in a company makes it possible to have all the information stored and organized and always available. The document manager digitizes the company’s documents so that they can be consulted at any time.

It is in charge of managing the company’s documents, storing, retrieving and organizing them. All documents generated or received by the company are stored in paper and electronic format.

The objective of document management is to manage all the documents held by a company or organization. To do so, it safeguards and retrieves the company’s documentation in an efficient manner, controlling access and preservation of documents.

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Open source document manager

Document management is the cornerstone of any business that manages some “paperwork”, that is, practically any company. For invoices alone, a document manager is a must, and the best document managers include a free accounting program. Accounting? Okay, I’m going too fast, I’ll tell you from the beginning.

Document management consists of organizing, filing, storing and classifying all documentation in the most organized and optimal way possible. This task is nothing new, archivists have existed for centuries, it is one of the oldest professions.

In document management software, all kinds of documents can be uploaded and processed. From employee pay slips to customer invoices. They replace those giant filing cabinets gathering dust on the shelves of any administration or company.

You don’t have a document manager, so the process is as follows: you scan the invoice, send it by e-mail to the department in question, maybe you forget to attach it, you make a mistake and attach it in a file that cannot be viewed, or the person who is supposed to receive it gets spammed.

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