What document proves you are a teacher?

What document proves you are a teacher?

Anerkennung in Germany

After you have started your initial training with one of these courses, we recommend that you do an internship (some long courses already include internships) and teach classes in order to have the opportunity to apply all the knowledge you have acquired and the skills you have developed. In this way, you will consolidate what you have learned and will be able to continue developing professionally with a solid foundation.

As part of the course catalog, the teacher training portal includes a course index with the following information, which can be accessed by clicking on the title of each course:

Sample Academic Program Certificate

Training within companies is one of the most important areas of investment, without going into the great amount of benefits it brings, it must be admitted that it is one of the most difficult to measure in terms of effectiveness and profitability. And much of that difficulty lies in the lack of understanding of what certification entails, and many investments are wasted because of this.

In reality, the issue of certification stems from the need to have a standardized education system, so that anyone who attends an education program in one country, or revalidates studies completed in another, can aspire to the same job opportunities. Under this understanding, the governments of each country are responsible for dictating the scope of each program, and the qualification parameters, so that a person can aspire to that certificate. This is called normalization or standardization.

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Without adequate measurement, there can be no certification, since in order to issue such a certificate, the certifying body must be able to prove that the applicant has the appropriate skills, knowledge and experience to perform a given function.

Professional registration of teaching professions

In Germany there are so-called regulated and unregulated professions. If you hold a foreign higher education degree for a regulated profession, you must always apply for recognition.

Regulated professions are e.g. doctors, engineers or teachers. Find out which professions are regulated in the accreditation finder. See the list of regulated professions in Germany in the online offer of the European Commission.

You can apply for a certificate evaluation at the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB). The certificate evaluation will describe your higher education qualification. It will also certify all your vocational and academic options. This has advantages when looking for a job. This is because the certificate evaluation is an official document that certifies the quality of your higher education qualification. You can find more information about the certificate evaluation on the ZAB website.

A foreign academic degree can be exercised in Germany under its original designation. Late immigrants of German origin can convert it into a German academic degree. Further information on the exercise of foreign academic degrees can be found on the website of the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB).

Requirements to provide course certificates in colombia

Meet the minimum academic training requirements, provided for regular classroom, in Resolution 15683 of 2016 added by Resolution No. 253 of 2019, issued by the Ministry of National Education and for projects according to the specific profiles required.

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Minimum requirement: To accredit this requirement you must upload in the application the training degrees as Higher Normalist, Graduate or non-graduate professional, in accordance with those established in Resolution 15683 of 2016 or in the profile of the position.

It is important that you review the minimum requirements and the specific profile established for the vacancy to which you applied, since, if you are pre-selected by the application and it is determined that you do not meet the requirements to fill the vacancy, it will not be possible to link you and your application will be rejected.

Once you have applied for the vacancy of your interest, you will receive confirmation of your application by e-mail. Likewise, in your session you can view the status in which you are in the Teacher Selection Application option, where you will be shown one of the following: free, applied, selected or hired.

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