What comes after surgical assistant?

What comes after surgical assistant?

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Emergencies can be classified into two main groups, although it is too broad a subject and difficult to congruence between all specialties. Each specialist tends to consider his urgency as the primary one. In this paper we will generalize the most basic aspects, prioritizing only two major aspects, in order to save our eventual patient.when an emergency arrives, a big question arises: Is it an Urgency or an Emergency? Urgency, according to the etymology of the word, is something that is urgent, primary, essential, primordial, while emergency is something that emerges, arises, but does not prioritize in importance.

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In the Middle Ages, medicine was practiced by several people, one of whom was the barber-zirurgeon. He provided medical assistance to wounded soldiers. The barber-zirurgeon was indeed a barber, but he also offered his assistance mainly in amputations.

The operating team consisted of: surgeon, first assistant, second assistant and instrument maker. In less complicated situations the surgeon works with the instrumentator alone and in more complicated situations he works with up to three assistants and two instrumentators; there is, of course, a whole range of intermediate situations.

He takes an active part in the procedure, continuously dries the blood, presents the hemostatic forceps for ligatures, performs hemostasis, places the separators, assists in actions to facilitate the surgeon’s action, trying to simplify the surgeon’s maneuvers. The best surgeon can lose effectiveness due to the collaboration of a bad assistant. He is the second authority of the team.

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It was very little developed. Manual tasks were despised by the scientists (philosophers) of health, understanding surgery as an aberration of the true treatment of diseases, which was given by a simple help to the healing nature (with diet and phytotherapy).[citation needed].

The great figures of Arab surgery in the Middle Ages were Abulcasis (Abul Qasin al-Zahrawi, 936-1013), born in Medina Azahara, outside Cordoba, and Albahad Mamad (939-1020). The work of Abulcasis (Al-tasrif) devotes a good part to cauterization in various ailments, drainage of abscesses, phlebotomies, removal of tumors, treatment of hernias, fractures and dislocations [2].

In this context, there were important advances in the art of surgery during this period. The professor of anatomy at the University of Padua, Andreas Vesalius, was a pivotal figure in the Renaissance transition from classical medicine and anatomy based on the works of Galen, to an empirical approach to the “practice” of dissection.

Role of the circulating surgical instrumentator

He/she has to provide attention and care to the patient. He/she performs common functions with the CE in the preoperative phase, as well as specific ones in the intraoperative phase. The following functions can be distinguished:

Nursing is a profession that is increasingly present in the world of research by carrying out studies on the most appropriate methods to improve patient care, attending congresses exhibiting work, etc.

In case of using textile equipment it is very important to verify that the external chemical controls have turned, as well as the second internal control of the equipment. The IE opens the first layer of the disposable textile equipment with the precaution of not rubbing the inside to avoid contamination. To open the instrument container, it is placed on a table and the IE removes the lid without crossing the arms in front of the container (See Images 1, 2 and 3).

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It is the first step before performing any care, since it is the main route of transmission of microorganisms, with the consequent risk of infection. Four types of washing can be distinguished: