What are the 5 Rs of purchasing?

What are the 5 Rs of purchasing?

The 5 R’s in a company

What is Zero Waste? Zero Waste is a concept of sustainable living that aims to reduce the waste we generate. How do we achieve this? By putting into practice the 5R rule of Zero Waste: reject, reduce, reuse, recycle and reintegrate.  We discovered this 5R rule thanks to Bea Johnson, recognized for promoting the Zero Waste movement worldwide. Bea Johnson launched a book that would become the bible of this philosophy of life “Zero Waste at Home”. In it she tells how she transformed her life and that of her family, applying the 5Rs.

Examples of the 5Rs

Recycling requires an expenditure of resources (transportation, water and chemicals), it is an expensive process and what’s worse, not all materials can be recycled, or those that are, cannot be recycled an infinite number of times.

To establish the path to follow, I am guided by Bea Johnson, the writer of the book Zero Waste at Home, with whom I learned that the 3Rs of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are not enough. She also incorporates two others: Refuse and Reincorporate (to the earth, compost – “Rot” in English).

Apart from reducing what you are going to consume from now on, it is also possible to reduce everything you already have.  And everything you are going to get rid of you can donate or sell it on Vinted, Wallapop, Ebay or any second hand store or site.

I see that a large part of my waste paper “leftovers”, instead of being used as resources, I emburse them (wasting plastic) wasting their value to be incinerated or dumped in a landfill, releasing polluting gases into the atmosphere.

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The 5 R’s pdf

The 5 R’s or five R’s are a method to achieve greater coherence in our lives. When you apply sustainability in your daily life, you are inevitably taking a step towards a more just and beneficial society for the entire planet.

Adopting a consistent lifestyle is fast becoming a necessity. It’s always hard to walk by the supermarket without thinking about all the excess disposable plastic packaging, or to walk by without being surprised by all the trash we come across on the street.

-Another good example is when you are offered a business card or brochure, take out your phone and take pictures of it. Accept the information, but not the physical item! This way you will have all the information with you at all times.

This has to do with real needs. While the system tells us to buy more to be happy, the ideal is to ask ourselves before buying: Do I need it? Will I use it many times? Is it of good quality? If for you, shopping is related to pleasure, you can’t imagine the simplicity that the principle of minimalism will bring to a boring daily life: buy less, but of better quality. A beautiful product, in healthy materials, will bring you much more pleasure to use.

The 5 R’s of recycling pdf

In ecology there are different terms that we should know, one of them is the rule of the 5Rs. Although it may sound like a mathematical term, the truth is that the 5 Rs allow us to talk about a set of actions that we can follow if we really want to help take care of the environment. How? We explain it to you below!

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Separating your garbage at home or at the office and throwing it in the appropriate recycling garbage cans or containers (following the colors indicated in our guide) will allow you to start becoming an agent of change and, thus, you will be collaborating with the environment. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Once you have memorized the colors of the garbage cans, you will notice that throwing away your garbage will become a simple task again, as long as you have properly separated your waste at home.