What are the 5 basic filing steps?

What are the 5 basic filing steps?

Steps to archive a document

In certain circumstances we have a document in PDF format that we would like to be able to view as a presentation. You might think that this is not possible, or that you have to do the conversion manually.

However, there is an easy, simple and totally reliable way to convert files from any PDF to Microsoft PowerPoint. Therefore, we would like to explain how you can do it without any inconvenience.

Converting a PDF file to PowerPoint is not that complicated, you just need to make sure you select the right option. After all, within the export options you can also convert the file to Word, Excel, among others.

Outline of an office process for archiving a physical document

Standardization in archiving, when applied correctly, is a very advantageous tool that facilitates work and guarantees quality. The use of standards in the archive helps to unify criteria and procedures and guarantees access to information. In other words, standardization favors documentary treatment and the interoperability of records, unifies repetitive tasks, improves the management of documentary processes and facilitates group work.

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ISO (International Organization for Standardization) was born after World War II (on February 23, 1947). It is the body responsible for promoting the development of international manufacturing, trade and communication standards for all industrial branches except electrical and electronics. Its main function is to seek the standardization of product and safety standards for companies or organizations at the international level. ISO standards do not contain specific rules or checklists, ISO standards offer the possibility for each company to create its own ISO strategy. It is composed of a network of national standards bodies from 159 countries.

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Steps to archive documents in a company

Having different software packages in the same company was not unusual. This generated a problem of coherence, since each one of them was carrying out its correct distribution of reports to each role and the flow of information for decision making was not optimal.

A system composed of tools (software and devices) that together with a protocol and work procedures, including user roles, can generate the necessary information to reduce risk and uncertainties in decision making.

Data processing is related to data manipulation, including various tasks such as validation, classification or aggregation, management of outliers and missing data. The objective is the correct configuration of databases that allow adequate generation of information, overcoming interoperability problems (data sharing between systems).

Producing the type of reports needed for the farm or company at all levels is an important task. Each farm or company must decide what information is needed at each level of work (farm personnel, farm manager, veterinarian, technical director, board of directors or general managers), not forgetting that it can be technical, economic or a combination of both.


Sort documents by their organization into groups, as this will help in coordinating their categories or types. Decide which documents should be placed in each category. Create sections in each category, as it will help in managing and organizing your files.

Categorize your folder system by using color coding to make all files important and keep them separate from each other. Important colors will help you find any file in question at any time, and you won’t have to check every folder when you need to locate a certain file.

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Use three to five colors. Use a particular color for each category. You can use blue for household files, red for medical files, green for financial files, and orange for personal files. Using the colors you can separate each category.

Use colored labels for hanging folders and white labels for labeling, as they are easily readable in white. Place each label in the tab position of the folder according to the categories you have created in alphabetical or numerical order.