Is Thunderhead part of Salesforce?

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Nuestro cliente es una empresa tecnológica del Reino Unido que cuenta con una base de clientes global. La empresa se encarga de la gestión de los derechos digitales de los consumidores y de la distribución de los contenidos más importantes.

Salesforce Interaction Studio Demo

Dreamforce 2017 was the first event where Salesforce officially started mentioning that they have marketing solutions for the Business to Consumer (B2C) market. This was evident in their B2C Marketing Keynote where their recent demos and announcements mention several of the topics I was looking forward to seeing at Dreamforce 2017. In this post I explain the features and news that demonstrate that Salesforce is moving towards a B2C (B2B2C) model.

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Salesforce’s 7 main products; Pardot (B2B Marketing Automation), Service & Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Social Studio, Community Cloud and Commerce Cloud, do not yet have a shared data model for both B2B and B2C. They still rely on accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities and activities. And to identify consumers many use Person Accounts. In Dreamforce I didn’t see anything in particular where they indicate that they will have a shared data model across all solutions for both Business (B2B) and Householding (B2C). For example, these solutions still rely on emails to identify contacts, this in a digital model is no longer valid (the lead model is no longer valid). Tools like Informatica Cloud – Customer 360, Cloudingo, DupeCatcher, duplicate management in Salesforce and are extremely important to ensure contact data integrity between all Salesforce solutions. But the most important thing before using these tools is to define a Customer 360 strategy.

Is thunderhead part of salesforce? 2021

To put ourselves in context, it is appropriate to first talk about the platform that gave birth to this pioneering idea:  Thunderhead. They were the first to see this blue ocean of Customer Engagement. Thanks to the idea of using AI to analyze user behavior in real time, they came to the conclusion that it was possible to interact with them on different channels in real time. This idea materialized in “One Engagement Hub” (ONE), a tool that attentively builds the activity of a customer across all channels by putting its view in a panoramic way on the navigation through each of the interfaces.

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Since its inception, ONE allows to know the interest, the context and the behavior during the whole navigation process. It makes it easier to understand the true intention of each customer at the moment of truth and to respond to their actions with personalized and thoughtful journeys for each of them.

The era of static prospect segmentation is over. Customer profiles are no longer driven by demographics or macro spectrums. In industries that operate in the B2C environment, it is necessary to go to the heart of the customer, to understand what moves each one of them at any given moment and what their specific situation is. The magic is in the details. Interaction Studio is a tool that helps to identify customers in Real Time within any interface. The AI technology that characterizes it, details the characteristics of each point of contact and is responsible for collecting all those data that express behaviors that reflect the real desires of each customer. This allows you to intelligently establish the profiling that will determine the starting point of your journey in the interaction with each contact point in question.

Is thunderhead part of salesforce? en línea

4. Click the New (or Edit) button above the Setting Owner table if you want to create custom settings for specific users or profiles that override the organization-level defaults (if defined).

Customizable settings are divided in Salesforce into functional sections, a structure that is reproduced below. Each of these discrete settings appears within the functional configuration.

Agreement recipient settings allow you to control how recipient records are created or updated when agreements are created both within Salesforce and when they are inserted into Salesforce from another source.

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See the agreement insertion mapping documentation for more information on how Salesforce is configured so that documents created elsewhere can also be automatically created in Salesforce.

Merge mapping settings allow you to control how attachments are handled when using merge mappings for agreement submission. See the merge mapping documentation for more information.