Is Slider Revolution a plugin?

Is Slider Revolution a plugin?

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In addition, it includes more than 200 fully customizable templates for creating content of all kinds: from header sliders for our website, image carousels, content blocks and other types of dynamic solutions, to the complete construction of pages such as landing pages.

Specifically, Slider Revolution has since gained enormous popularity, thanks to its wide variety of features and ease of use, with more than 7 million active users, installations on more than 1 million websites and 85% of 5-star ratings.

To start using this plugin you need to purchase a license (approximately 30€), and you will have access to all the features developed by ThemePunch, as well as all the updates and new features.

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For some time now, sliders* have become one of the most used tools on websites. The end customer has a tendency to ask for them, as they give the page a certain dynamism, while presenting a modern but elegant look, and function as a summary of the different features or services offered by a professional or company.

This post is not intended to take one position or the other. We only state that it will depend on the message you want to give and the intention of reaching the user with the contents of the website: for some cases sliders are good, for other cases they are not.

* We decided to leave the term in its original language, because it is already adopted in the computer language, and to mark the difference between a carousel of photos and a “slider” or “slider” of images/slides.

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Youtube revolution slider

Slider Revolution is a premium slider available as a WordPress plugin, a jQuery plugin and a Joomla plugin. It has gained huge popularity in the WordPress community due to its huge range of features and ease of use.

Get Slider RevolutionFree! The Slider Revolution plugin is included for free with the purchase of our Total WordPress Themeso, so not only do you get an amazing plugin but you will also get the Total theme as well as the Visual Composer plugin which is also included for free!

First you will need to get a copy of the Slider Revolution WordPress Plugin. There are several different methods to install the plugin depending on whether you purchased your own copy of the plugin or if it was included in your premium theme.

If you purchased your own copy of Slider Revolution from CodeCanyon, log into your Envato account and go to your downloads page (you can get to this page by hovering over your username). Then locate your copy of Slider Revolution and select the download option for “WordPress installable file only”.

Slider revolution video

Yes, 100%. The products we distribute in our catalog are GPL licensed, this means that we can distribute them, sell them or even give them away. The downloads are not altered in any way, the published files are the same as the ones distributed by their author.

In general, we periodically add new products and release new versions of existing products. You can see our periodic updates by visiting our updates page.

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NO. If you need technical support regarding a plugin or theme, you must purchase the product directly from the author. Not offering support is the way we are able to distribute the products at such a low price.