Is Krita better than procreate?

Is Krita better than procreate?

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The first thing you should know is that Procreate is considered one of the most profitable drawing programs, since it has a minimum investment of 10 euros. In addition, it stands out for its ability to reproduce the physical drawing experience and provide a wide range of tools and textures and an efficient autosave system.

In the following section, you will find different options to Procreate for Windows free, with really effective results. In addition, they can be installed on any computer or graphic tablet that operates with Microsoft’s operating system.

Its interface is simple and with practice it becomes easier to master, even for inexperienced users. It also has the option to save the changes made in each layer of the illustration in addition to having a special book for animations.

The best of all is that when you install it you don’t have to worry about losing information, since it is capable of saving changes constantly. Besides, this alternative is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS.

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Below we have listed a few drawing apps available for iPad devices and Android tablets. Some of them are more oriented to the creation of comics and manga. One thing to keep in mind is that iPad devices detect the pressure you exert with your stylus when drawing with an Apple Pencil or Bamboo Sketch.

Are you looking to make drawing your craft? What style of painting would you like to specialize in? Are you going to print your work after you finish it or do you just want the digital file? Being clear about your goals and objectives will help you choose the software and tools that are right for you. This decision is especially important if you want to be a comic book or manga artist.

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If this is your situation, you should focus on finding a program with which you can publish your drawings on your social networks. This practice will make your training more fun and entertaining until you get used to your digital tools. Programs and applications for simply drawing are usually cheaper, and some even free. Another option would be to draw your sketches by hand in your spare time and then export them to a professional drawing program to finish them.

Procreate windows free

However, not all users want to use an iPad for drawing. A good computer is a much more powerful work tool than the Apple tablet. Fortunately, although we can not use Procreate on Windows, there are several excellent alternatives to this tool that will allow us to use our computer to draw and illustrate like a professional.

All of these applications can be used with a mouse without any problem. However, if we want professional results then we must use a digitizing tablet. All these alternatives to Procreate are compatible with most of the current market models.

Within the OpenSource world, one of the best alternatives to Procreate that we can find to draw from Windows is Krita. This is one of the most advanced applications that we are going to find for Windows, at the height of most of the commercial alternatives in terms of tools, functions and features.

This second alternative to Procreate is also widely used, especially within the professional field, since it is related to AutoCad as it is from the same developers (AutoDesk). This tool has all the functions and features that any artist may need, in addition to having an interface that is very easy to learn even for new users. The interface and tools can be controlled by gestures, which speeds up the work and helps to save time.

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Krita is a drawing and illustration software offered as a free alternative to well-known applications such as Adobe Illustrator. Extremely popular on computers, Krita has just made the leap to Android tablets, also to Chromebook computers. It is an excellent alternative for anyone who needs a professional drawing and illustration tool.

The developers of the editing program have converted the full desktop version 4.29 to the Android environment. This means that the interface is not 100% adapted to touch control, but it works perfectly on tablets equipped with a stylus, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We have tested Krita on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the sensations have been very positive: the application not only allows editing images and strokes, it is also very well adapted to use with the S Pen. It even detects the different levels of pressure for drawing.

Krita for Android is the desktop version adapted to Android tablets and Chromebook computers. The app allows from editing images by layers to make all kinds of illustrations from scratch, also edit them with the huge amount of brushes available.

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