Is elastic cloud on Kubernetes free?

Is elastic cloud on Kubernetes free?

Kubernetes vs. docker

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) is a fully managed, secure and highly available Kubernetes service. AKS is an Azure service that simplifies the deployment, management and use of Kubernetes in the Microsoft cloud, in order to be fully managed, allows you to distribute solutions faster, manage them easily and scale resources with confidence. Here are some advantages that the Azure service has:

A fully managed use of AKS allows for easy management and deployment of containerized applications with efficient resource utilization, which allows for elastic provisioning of additional resources without having to worry about managing the Kubernetes infrastructure, this scaling is done automatically.

Most development time is focused on bug resolution. AKS reduces this wasted time by debugging and handling automatic fixes and updates, this service saves a lot of time and allows your developers to be more productive.

Kubernetes deployment

With Alteon Cloud Control, organizations can instantly provide uniform application delivery and security services across multiple environments. It also eliminates the need for experts to develop, deploy and maintain these services.

Full automation with simple wizards, which eliminates the need for ADC experts, ensures rapid deployment of ADC services, even by non-ADC experts, and minimizes the likelihood of human error.

Constant discovery of new/removed application resources and automatic ADC capacity scaling per application ensure that your cloud services bill is optimized according to the actual capacity usage of your applications.

With Alteon Cloud Control’s analytics module, complete visibility into application health, per-application timelines and event reports, discovering and performing root cause analysis has never been easier.

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Azure kubernetes

Easily deploy and manage containerized applications with a fully managed Kubernetes service. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) offers serverless Kubernetes, an integrated continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) experience, and enterprise-grade security and governance. Unite your development and operations teams on a single platform to build, deliver, and scale applications with confidence.

Learn how to power your data and open source applications by leveraging Linux and hybrid cloud technologies together at Azure Open Source Day, a free digital event on February 15. Register now.

Easily define, deploy, debug and update even the most complex Kubernetes applications, and containerize your applications. Develop applications in a modern way to accelerate time to market.

Apply Azure Policy-defined security barriers dynamically at deployment time or as part of CI/CD workflows. Deploy only validated images to the private container registry.

Kubernetes service

Alibaba Cloud provides innovative technology that enables businesses, retailers, educational institutions and the entire society to continue to function in the coronavirus disease outbreak.

Offline retail businesses are directly affected by the coronavirus disease outbreak, and the impact may continue to challenge many retailers as shoppers will increase online purchases even after the epidemic is contained. The need to migrate retail businesses to the Internet is inevitable. This solution provides you with a set of powerful cloud-based services to quickly develop, deploy and deliver digital mall capability, and enables you to create a profitable online marketplace.

The coronavirus pandemic forces employees to work across borders because they cannot travel, and students to study online across borders because they will not be able to return to school on time. These scenarios require a high-quality network across borders. Alibaba Cloud’s Internet application acceleration solution uses Alibaba Cloud’s global backbone to quickly provide customers with a secure, reliable and low-latency high-quality network connection, which improves the Internet access experience of applications.

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