How is MVC implemented Grails?

How is MVC implemented Grails?

Installing Jasper Report in NetBeans 8.2

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages by developers today and one of the most demanded by companies. Because it is object-oriented and cross-platform, and because of its robustness, security and portability, Java has been crowned as one of the most powerful and efficient programming languages.

It is one of the most widely used languages in the world, especially in client/server architecture applications. It is very versatile and is used for almost everything from developing Android mobile applications to back-end web applications.

However, to work as a Java programmer today, it is not enough to master this language. It is necessary to become familiar with the frameworks that are available for it and that, as we will see, make it much easier to develop an app and maintain it.

A framework is a structure that serves as a basis for developing software. It is a kind of template or conceptual scheme that developers can complete to deliver an application that meets the client’s requirements. It usually includes support programs, compilers, libraries and APIs, among other tools, to connect the various components of a project. It can also structure the complete development of an application or just one aspect of it, such as the user interface.


There is no doubt that Java is one of the most used programming languages, and, therefore, more demanded in the programming world. In this article we tell you our opinion about which are the 7 most important Java frameworks in 2020.

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It is a framework with MVC pattern developed by Oracle, and is part of Java Enterprise Edition 7, and is based on helping backend developers to create the frontend of complex applications.

In our platform you will find an interesting JavaServer Faces course, which will allow you to learn how to use this powerful framework to create user interfaces for your web applications.

Hibernate is not a complete framework, but its appearance meant a radical change in the way of querying the database. Developed as an implementation of the Java Persistence API (JPA), Hibernate is an Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) database or object-relational mapping framework for Java applications.

Spring is an implementation of the Java framework that stands out for being very lightweight and can be used for almost any type of project developed with Java, characteristics that make it one of the preferred options today.

Spring course. Relations between tables IX. One-to-many relationship

Once inside the H2 console, we can run the SHOW COLUMNS FROM POST command to see the schema of the POST table and compare it in this way with the domain class we have created to find the following differences.

Depending on the database used (in our case H2), GORM will transform the data types of the domain class properties into other data types in the table. For example, the String data type is replaced in the database by varchar(), while the Date data type is replaced by Timestamp. All this will depend on the database used and may vary from database to database.

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To control these constraints, GORM has a number of common predefined functions to set them. In addition, it will also allow us to create our own constraints. So far, we have already seen some of these restrictions such as size, unique, blank or password among others. Remember that to set the constraints of a domain class we must set the static property constraints as in the following example.

Java Web Servlets with Intellij IDEA and Tomcat

Nowadays, any self-respecting web application needs a sufficiently attractive, comfortable and usable interface so that the user does not abandon it after the first few attempts. This is where AJAX comes in to help us in this task.

Grails supports by default a number of AJAX frameworks such as Prototype, Yahoo User Interface, and Dojo and basically what Grails does is to put a layer on top of all these frameworks so that regardless of which one we use, the syntax is always the same.

Thanks to these frameworks, we will be able to use in our applications a number of web 2.0 features such as rich text editors, content search engines with the Searchable plugin or even the ability to export to various formats with little effort and time thanks to the Export plugin.

In any project developed in Grails, all the project configuration can be found in the grails-app/conf directory. Basically, in this directory there are four files to configure different aspects of a typical application: Config.groovy, DataSource.groovy, BootStrap.groovy and UrlMappings.groovy.

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