How is Asana different from trello?

How is Asana different from trello?

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Trello and Asana, the eternal rivals in the world of productivity.For me, both apps are great, and in this video I’ll tell you about their main differences and which one you should use in your case.This tutorial is part of a free Asana course that you can find on my YouTube channel.

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In this ninth lesson of the audio course GTD Method Simplified you will discover some keys to create your own system with the ideas of the GTD method and how I did to create mine in Asana, a digital project manager.

Alternatives to asana

In the current context, to enable teamwork and remote work, hundreds of digital allies have emerged to help us in this process. How many new applications did you learn about in this context of pandemic and homeoffice? In this article we present two fundamental allies for team project management.

Such is the case of applications like Trello and Asana. These resources have emerged as a replacement for that long work table where tasks were assigned and ideas were shared. Perhaps the most difficult thing at the beginning of this whole situation, in the area of work or studies, was group work and the coordination to carry it out. Thus, many of the applications that have been around for a long time now play a fundamental role. Trello and Asana are exemplary cases in point.

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Trello is an application based on the Kanban method and is used to manage tasks, allowing collaborative group work to be organized by means of virtual boards composed of lists of tasks in the form of columns.

Asana vs Trello

Trello, unlike Asana software, is a task manager, rather than a project manager, where planning and resource consumption is essential. With Trello software we can make customized lists of different types of tasks. It also allows us a fluid communication between the team, but lacks many possibilities to properly measure and manage our projects, thus optimizing time and costs.

Asana, on the other hand, is more complete. It is a tool for planning and managing projects involving more factors. Collaborative management is assured, as well as an adequate planning of our activities. It has a Gantt chart, with interrelated activities and resource management is basic.

Another difference between the different versions is that with Trello Free, if a collaborator leaves our company or our teams, we cannot keep their activity history. Nor can we export information from our projects or ensure secure access to our private dashboards. The Business version of Trello also offers full technical support, unlike Trello Free.

Trello vs planner

Trello is an online management software, which works collaboratively based on the Kanban methodology, whose essence lies in the use of work cards on a board thus carrying a “production line” of tasks with their corresponding statuses to learn more about this methodology we invite you to enter the following link to our article on the three most used agile methodologies.

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To use it initially we must be registered (create an account), for this we must enter, select the option “Register” (this has no cost) the platform will ask us to enter our email, name and password, press the button: create a new account and ready, and we will have access.

Trello is used to organize, coordinate and manage any type of tasks, whether they are work projects, day-to-day tasks, planning and execution of trips and itineraries, among other activities that require establishing lists of activities to be carried out. In project management with Trello we can share the board with the rest of the team and in turn know the different statuses in itos marked in our project, who executes and the performance in time of each of the members involved.

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