How do you use Sisense?

How do you use Sisense?

Clear analytics

There is no doubt that digitization and technological innovation is changing the nature, content and focus of the strategic agenda of many of today’s management functions. Whether from the perspective of the CEO, CIO or CDO, but also from other positions of responsibility in the organization, we are moving in a global context where it is essential to face the transformation process by integrating, in the corporate culture, the use and governance of data and the ability – as the set of capabilities, skills and technologies – to generate advanced analytical models that facilitate the transition from a data-informed organizational context in favor of data-driven strategic decision models.

One of the most important factors in taking advantage of this analytics function management concept is how the data is managed by the technology tool.

The agility and lean approach applied to analytics is one of the main values that is easy to recognize in Sisense, something that can be clearly seen in the first interactions with the tool.


At LIS Data Solutions we put at your disposal one of the best Business Intelligence tools on the market as Sisense, with which we are able to drastically reduce implementation times to focus on what is really important: Turn your company into a Smart Company.

Sisense is very powerful but very agile, reducing time to a minimum to focus on providing “intelligent” information to any employee who needs it either through predefined dashboards or on “self-service” analysis.

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The Sisense data and analytics platform is a complete End-to-End Business Intelligence solution that enables data engineers, developers and analysts to create analytical reports that deliver highly operational and valuable user experiences.

It institutes a true Business Intelligence philosophy by empowering your employees, regardless of their profile with the information they need when they need it, using innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Advantages and disadvantages of clear analytics

Business intelligence (BI) is the set of strategies and technologies that companies use to analyze business information data. Common BI strategies include reporting, online analytics, data mining, process mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining and analysis, and predictive or prescriptive analytics.

Sisense was founded in Tel Aviv in 2004 and has since won the New York City “Take the H.E.L.M.” competition, the Gartner Cool Vendor in Analytics award in 2014, among other awards and nominations.

Some of Sisense’s users include Wix, Airbus, NASDAQ, The Salvation Army and Hewlett Packard. The company’s website provides some real-world examples showing how its product has improved a customer’s experience.

This new Software as a Service (SaaS) means that business owners can focus on their bottom line and decision making, without complicating their lives with Big Data. They can ask a question and know that Domo will aggregate the data. Then, it gives them a well-informed decision based on all relevant factors.


The Sisense Amazon S3 dashboard is a pre-configured custom analytics dashboard. It connects to your Amazon hosted web service to provide better snapshots of your service’s statistics. Sisense uses Amazon S3 log files to provide developers with a more visual view of your statistics. You can view your data in tabular format, receive graphs, review data for specific time periods, and receive information with “Key Performance Indicators”.

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