How do you create a troubleshooting page?

How do you create a troubleshooting page?


Problem solving is the final stage of a complicated process. In order for us to speak of a solution, we must assume that the conclusion is positive and that the whole problem is in the past.

Decision-making is extremely necessary for problem solving. Choosing an option is a difficult task for leaders. However, working in a group offers more alternative solutions and provides more knowledge and experience.

In this way, the organization can correct the necessary aspects to improve the organizational climate and therefore make employees feel motivated to achieve the business objectives.

Problem solving process pdf

This article explains the strategy to be implemented to solve problems by CEOs and managers, taking into account the different methodologies existing in the company. Several examples of resolution will be offered and, finally, the relationship with the experience curves.

Once the specific problem has been identified, it will be necessary to establish a resolution strategy. There are several possibilities, some more immediate than others, but all of them can shed light. What is essential is familiarization with the problem because only then will it be possible to confront the situation with some guarantee of success, hence the collection of information is essential.

Artificial intelligence systems process information, compare and make the best decision based on the criteria indicated by the manager above. The spread of computing machinery and CPUs has facilitated the integration of these technologies into everyday life, as well as the existence of the Internet, the network of networks.

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Problems and solutions

Analyze the problem. Clearly defining a problem and its causes is the first crucial step. The developer needs to collect and evaluate data on user needs and knowledge. At the same time, he must list all the functional requirements of the solution.

5.Evaluate effectiveness. The best problem solvers determine whether their solution is working and how quickly. Similarly, our developer must evaluate whether the digital learning tool meets the user’s needs.


Problem solving is the phase that represents the conclusion of a broader process that has as previous steps the identification of the problem and its modeling. By problem we mean an issue for which a solution is expected that is far from obvious from the initial approach. The mathematician G. H. Wheatley defined it ingeniously: “Problem solving is what you do when you don’t know what to do.”[1] The term “problem solving” is used in the term “problem solving”.

The term “problem solving” is used in many disciplines, sometimes with different viewpoints, often with different terminologies. For example, it is a mental process in psychology, a computational process in computer science, and a work process in business.[4] It is also used to describe the process of solving problems.

Considered the most complex of all intellectual functions,[8] problem solving has been defined as a high-level cognitive process that requires modulation and control of more routine or fundamental skills.[9]

Working with people suffering from frontal lobe lesions, neuropsychologists have found that deficits in emotional control and reasoning can be remediated, improving injured people’s ability to successfully solve everyday problems.[12]

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