How do I schedule a jam job?

How do I schedule a jam job?

How long it takes to learn to program

Learning to program, and we mean a specific language, but rather the craft, is something that does not come without effort. Many programmers when starting out often face the same obstacles. In this article we will analyze the main adversities a programmer faces and try to give advice on how to overcome them.

The idea is to warn all those developers and novice programmers about some of the main frustrations of the profession so that they can try to tackle them as best as possible and facilitate their entry into this exciting and promising profession.

First of all, getting stuck is the daily bread of programmers – and not only beginners. We have to learn to be a little lenient with ourselves. There are days when we just can’t seem to make progress, and being stuck is the norm. But in truth those periods of frustration are the basis for progress. There is no learning without frustration.

There are many ways to try to get out of a blockage of this type, there are thousands of resources on the web, forums full of comments and situations that can help you. The way out of an entrenched state is simply to solve the problem in order to move forward. This is easy to say but difficult to do.

Google maps

First of all, the traffic situation must be activated so that the roads are shown in green, orange or red, depending on the congestion of vehicles and whether they are flowing or there is a traffic jam.

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The second step is to enable notifications. With this step, you will receive warnings about road closures, events that may affect traffic in a nearby area, traffic jams, etc. It is necessary to have the localization or location enabled for this to work.

Programmer frustration

With a motorcycle it takes 50% to 70% less time to get to a given destination, let’s say, for example, to work. That’s a lot of time we save every day, which allows us to get up less early, relax the stress and get to work in a better mood (if they let us).

On the other hand, in big cities the difference with cars will be more noticeable because there are more traffic jams and there are many more cars per kilometer of road. Madrid comes to mind because it is a city where I go regularly, and although I usually avoid the heaviest traffic jams, it is always feasible to snack on a nutritious one sometime. Why? For me the reasons for traffic jams are varied, a sort of mix: hurry, lack of education, same timetable of leaving-home/entering-work?

Where am I going with all this? We all complain that companies have “that schedule” that is bad for all of us and that we know causes traffic jams. Few people remedy that. Nobody tells you not to get to work early. In fact, nobody tells you not to arrive at your workplace earlier and find a parking space easily, take it easy before going upstairs and arrive full of good energy.

Being a programmer is a good job

We are going to do this by first going into the near traffic alerts configuration. Then we’re going to take you to set up the traffic notifications themselves, and we’ll end up in the driving mode so that the assistant only bothers you when it has something to tell you regarding this topic.

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The second option is the one we have seen in the first point of the article. In it you can enable or disable the notifications you receive informing you about the state of traffic around your exact location.

And thirdly, you have the Driving Mode Notifications. This is an option designed to reduce distractions at the wheel, and if you activate them the mobile will connect to your car’s Bluetooth in driving mode to inform you of some trip data such as the estimated time you will arrive at your destination or, of course, traffic incidents.