How do I get started with ZBrush?

How do I get started with ZBrush?

Zbrush from scratch

This tool is similar to a dough, but digital, which allows you to get your ideas out of your head and materialize them. This fun program has influenced movies and video games by facilitating the creation of characters. It serves to sculpt shapes in digital clay and create people, orcs, dragons, animals, monsters and more creatures or things.

There are videos on social networks that show the processes to make existing characters. This time we will share with you the process of making Baymax, which you can locate from the movie Big Hero 6. With this kind of videos you can get an idea of how to exploit Zbrush.

How to use zbrush 2020

When I started the project, after having looked for those references and when I was pretty clear about what I wanted to do, I asked a friend to help me to draw schematically the idea I had in my head, since my skills with 2d drawing are quite limited.

I started the project modeling the body in low, using Max, helping me with references in the viewports, although I didn’t pretend to get an exact result to the references, I just wanted to have a very general guide.

As you can see in the image below, the level of detail at this stage is very low. I have to admit that this is one of the parts that I would have done differently in case of starting the project today, the level of detail, even in the low version, would have been much higher, probably something similar to the following image ( MED ), this image shows the mesh of the same model, but with a subdivision already sculpted).

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In any case, using this low version of the body, I started working on the clothes. Having the whole body done helps a lot in this sense, since it allows, on the one hand, to use the body as a reference, so you can adjust the clothes to the real body shape without using too many references in the form of photos, and above all, it allows to use the body as a base mesh to model most of those clothes.

Zbrush manual

This is the 3D software that will make you see polygons in a different way, Zbrush, the error that changed cinema and videogames and now will change the way you draw, turning you into a more complete artist.

In 1999, Pixologic, creators of Zbrush, found this program by “accident”, it is said that they were looking for a software capable of drawing with relief and found, unwittingly, the goose that lays the golden eggs, by finding a technology that can simulate virtual and easily manageable moldable matter. Since then nothing has been the same.

Virtually no one does Animatronics anymore and the “infernal” conventional 3D programs gave way to an intuitive system of hand creation of Zbrush, as you will see in the video is really natural way of working, no handlers, vectors or vertices, with more or less pressure and scribble with your Wacom is more than enough to start creating.

This software is capable of moving several tens of millions of polygons allowing you to reach really incredible detail snows, if you need it. You can also use it to do a volume study of a given object. The downside of this is that since this program exists there is no character in movies or video games that does not have some scars on the face from side to side, if not, look carefully the next time you play or watch a movie.

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Zbrush download free full english

“In this lesson you will learn the fundamental tools of the program, as well as the simplified flow so you can start the project. You will know the interface, you will learn how to use the brushes, the alphas, the intensities, how to manage the subtools, how to control the modeling divisions, optimize geometries, etc. In short, you will learn everything you need to be able to realize your project.

“Hi. Before we start the development of the kraken sculpture, I will give a brief introduction to the ZBrush platform and we will see the basic tools, such as brushes, Alphas and tools that will allow you to tackle the project without any problem. Let’s get started. Well, we are here inside the ZBrush “interface”. Before we get started, I would like to mention that this program is a fairly simple, easy to use program. By explaining the main tools, everyone will be able to start the project. So, by starting we have a button called LightBox. The LightBox …”

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