How do I get ES-935 form?

How do I get ES-935 form?

Form i-589 in Spanish pdf

HAVING REGARD TO File No. 1.349.955/09 of the Registry of the MINISTRY OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY, Decrees Nos. 1025 dated November 4, 2000 and 1693 dated November 5, 2009 and Resolutions of the former MINISTRY OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING OF HUMAN RESOURCES No. 434 dated August 10, 2001 and of the MINISTRY OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY No. 803 dated September 14, 2009, and

Whereas the aforementioned regulation was regulated by Resolution of the former MINISTRY OF LABOR, EMPLOYMENT AND HUMAN RESOURCE TRAINING No. 434 dated August 10, 2001, which regulated the operation of the NATIONAL REGISTRY OF VENDORS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES and of the OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE created for such purpose.

That Decree No. 1693/09 replaced Section 3 of Decree No. 1025/00, establishing the maintenance of the free competition regime in the matter with no restrictions other than those aimed at guaranteeing the effective protection of the labor, social and union rights involved, especially in those aspects related to the labor regime of the workers selling newspapers, magazines and related items, preserving their stability and the right to stop and/or distribute and their priority in the distribution, sale and delivery of publications in the areas duly recognized.

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→ From the Fernando Valhondo Calaff Foundation, we would like to inform you about the treatment that we carry out with the personal data that you provide us. For clarity, below you can find a summary of the Customer Privacy Policy that we have prepared to adapt to the new EU regulations. The full text of this policy is always available on our website. Respecting your privacy and guaranteeing the confidentiality of your personal data is a priority for us.

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HAVING REGARD TO Joint Resolution No. 1,887 of this Federal Administration and No. 440 of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of June 2, 2005 and General Resolution No. 1,891 “MI REGISTRO”, text ordered in 2006, and

That by means of General Resolution No. 1,891 “MY REGISTRY”, text ordered in 2006, the procedures in force regarding labor and social security registration were adjusted in order to adapt them to the Registration Simplification and Unification Program created by the aforementioned joint resolution.

That the implementation of the above mentioned program implies the development of the necessary procedures for the capture of the new data declared by the employers, related to their condition and labor relations, as well as to the family relationships of their workers.

That in this context, this Federal Administration has concluded with the development of new computer tools aimed at facilitating the incorporation, modification or confirmation of the required data regarding the workers.

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By virtue thereof, at the proposal of the Minister of Education, with the prior approval of the Minister of the Presidency, and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting held on July 23, 2010,

The professional profile of the initial and final cycle of intermediate level in sailing with fixed rigging and intermediate level in sailing with free rigging is determined by its general competence, its professional, personal and social competences, by the list of qualifications and, where appropriate, units of competence of the National Catalogue of Professional Qualifications included in the qualification and the professional, work and sports environment.

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e) To prepare, transport, store and repair the nautical materials and boats for the practice at the level of initiation to sailing, ensuring their availability and safety, and respecting the environmental regulations.

f) Control the safety of the activity at the level of initiation to sailing, supervising the navigation areas, the conditions of the environment, the nautical materials and the boats used and intervening by means of aid or rescue in the detected risk situations, applying the established evacuation protocols.