Does HTML work in Tumblr posts?

Does HTML work in Tumblr posts?

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Forms with HTML and PHP appears first in our today we will see an example of forms with HTML and PHP for people who do not know how to create a form and send the information entered by the user to another page in PHP for further manipulation, I show you a video from scratch and the source code. As we said, we will create a simple form without CSS styles for tutorial purposes and we will show how to send the information that the user writes inside this to a PHP page to do with it what we want, for example send an email from php or send an email with attached document, among many other things we can do once we have the user information.How to make a form with HTML and PHP from scratch (video)Form source code with HTML<html>

?>As you can see the process of creating forms with html and php is really simple and easy to implement, obviously only missing a little polish the style of it with CSS but the most important of the process and functionality you just saw today.greetings!

Tumblr: Add pages and organize your tags.

This is the case of Instagram, where tags complement photo descriptions and serve to discover new accounts or gain followers. For example, a photo of the Pedrera in Barcelona can be tagged with the hashtags #gaudi, #lapedrera and #Barcelona to classify the image, as many Instagram users do.

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When choosing a hashtag it is important to take into account that the keywords used are specific and relevant to the topic to be addressed. So, going back to the example of the Santiago train accident, if tweeters had chosen the hashtag #Santiago it would not have been valid, as it covers many topics. Therefore, by using the hashtag #TragediaSantiago or #AccidenteSantiago all Internet users knew what it was about.

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Tumblr is an American microblogging platform and social network founded by David Karp in 2007.[1][2] Based in Manhattan (New York, USA), it is currently owned by Automattic. The website allows users to publish multimedia content -such as images, videos, audios- and even other types of content such as texts, links and quotes in a short-form blog, like a tumblelog.

With the acquisition of Tumblrette, an Apple App Store application created by Jeff Rock and Garrett Ross, by Tumblr in 2009, the service launched its official iPhone application. The site became available for Blackberry smartphones on April 17, 2010 via a Mobelux application on Blackberry World.

Technology journalism specialists believe that Tumblr contains a large amount of pornographic content, although the exact amount is known only to the company. The New York Times says that “pornography represents a fraction of the content on the site, but not a trivial amount for a site with 100 million blogs”.


Note: In most cases, Muse will recognize HTML code and will automatically embed the HTML you paste directly into the page. However, if the page code appears, rather than the third-party web page content, then try selecting Object > Insert HTML instead.

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Note that when you scroll down the list of blog posts, the header appears on top of other page content. This behavior is because the event page uses the Foreground master page, and the header content of that master page is set to display in the foreground.

The event page is now complete. In the next section, you will learn how to paste embedded HTML content inside a widget, to control how the third-party content is displayed based on user interaction.

Currently the target container is filled with a gray fill color. However, you can place all types of content found in the target container, including different image files, filled rectangles, text, or embedded HTML that you have copied from another website.