Can API gateway connect to SQS?

Can API gateway connect to SQS?

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API Gateways are vital to successful API management. As the primary proxy connecting your customers to your services, the gateway supports important management and security functions, including authentication, metrics collection, input validation and response transformation.

Because all requests go through an API Gateway, it is the ideal place to collect data analytics. For example, an API Gateway can measure how many requests a user makes or how many requests are transmitted to each individual microservice. API Gateways can also be used to limit requests. If a user sends too many requests, the gateway can be programmed to reject them instead of passing them to one of the microservices.

Input validation is the API Gateway ensuring that all client requests contain the information needed to complete a request and that it is provided in the correct format. If anything appears to be wrong, the gateway will reject the request. If all necessary information is included, the gateway will route the request to the microservice responsible for retrieving the requested information.

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A collection of WebSocket routes and route keys that integrate with backend HTTP endpoints, Lambda functions, or other AWS services. You can implement this collection in one or more stages. API methods are invoked through frontend WebSocket connections that can be associated with a registered custom domain name.

An alphanumeric string that API Gateway uses to identify an application developer using its REST or WebSocket API. API Gateway can generate API keys on your behalf or you can import them from a CSV file. You can use API keys in conjunction with Lambda authorizers or usage plans to control access to your APIs.

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When a new client connects through a WebSocket connection, an API Gateway integration can be called to store the client’s callback URL. That callback URL can be used to send messages to the client from the backend system.

An application that allows customers to register, find and subscribe to API products (API Gateway usage plans) offered by you, manage their API keys and view their API usage metrics.

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