Are VPNs dead?


All of this contributes to the dissolution of the perimeter, where workers are working outside of enterprise networks, in the cloud. VPNs can’t keep up, either causing problems for remote workers or sometimes being ineffective at establishing a secure private connection, as well as providing a very complicated user experience.

The biggest impact on current VPN deployments comes from the increasingly evident and current IT model, in which perimeter security is dissolving, rendering VPNs ineffective.

Many VPNs are deployed as appliances within an enterprise’s locally installed security stack, returning traffic to allow secure access to the network whether employees are onsite or offsite. As the traditional perimeter slowly dissolves into the cloud, and the security stack follows suit, it doesn’t make sense to spend for the upkeep of an expensive VPN appliance.

How to know if openvpn is working

But how did VPNs come about? This private Internet access service was originally created for large companies or organizations, which were exposed to a series of threats that could breach the confidentiality of their information or steal important data when they were still using open Internet connections. They also needed this special security so that remote users or operators could use the institution’s files without running the risk of them escaping.

When organizations began to develop higher digital security, this type of technology was passed on to ordinary Internet users, who in addition to a safeguard when surfing the Internet sought to combat a new disadvantage: censorship by regional content and streaming services that began to implement this restriction.

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Media cases such as those of Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks revealed how fragile users’ personal privacy on the Internet can be. Many of the sites you visit usually collect your data. And while some do it for commercial purposes or to achieve a greater impact of their content, there are others that do it like spies under the guise of “improving the user experience”.

How to configure a vpn

No doubt you are as concerned as we are about China’s recent decision to expel at least thirteen journalists working for The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

China says the decision is in retaliation after the U.S. government limited the number of Chinese journalists who can work inside the U.S., even though those journalists are largely seen as a news arm of the Chinese government, while those whom China expelled work for independent news organizations.

Tragically, this move comes at a critical time. While China claims to have tackled domestic cases of the coronavirus, it is still vital that the world remains informed of what is happening there. We need to know how those who have been infected are responding to treatment, how many have died and how many new cases are emerging.

Our answer to these questions is simple: we remain committed to fighting censorship and developing VPN services that allow people around the world to access vital information, especially that which authoritarian governments try to hide.  This is why we support press freedom advocates such as, which monitors and challenges Internet censorship.

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My vpn is not working

December 31, 2019, was when the first reports of the previously unknown coronavirus were reported to the World Health Organization (although China confirmed that the first case appeared on November 17, 2019). Since then, the use of NPVs has increased in almost all countries with significant coronavirus cases. More than 53% of US citizens started using a VPN more frequently.

Although there are only 3,802 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S., VPN use has already increased by 53%. With 69 deaths in total, the death rate in the U.S. is not out of the ordinary either.

Staying at home, people spend more time than usual on the Internet. Many choose to watch movies or TV series as the best form of entertainment. However, the most popular streaming services, such as Netflix or the BBC, apply geo-restrictions. With that, people may not be able to access certain movies or shows because of the region they are in. Fortunately, using a VPN allows users to overcome geo-restrictions and enjoy their favorite content from around the world.

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